ENSTA Bretagne : Colombe voile

Competitive athletes

Since 2010, ENSTA Bretagne has been certified as an Etablissement d'accueil Sport de Haut Niveau (competitive athlete host institution) by the Regional Authority for Sports, Youth and Social Cohesion. The school welcomes athletes wishing to pursue excellence in both sport and education.

Achieving success in both areas is no easy feat, and many factors have to be taken into consideration. In terms of their athletic activity, students must focus on their technical and physical skills, fitness, and their competitors. Added to these concerns are the demands of high-level studies, entrance examinations, building on prior education, and defining a career path.

In light of these pressures, ENSTA Bretagne has simplified admission procedures for competitive athletes and, if necessary, can allot them extra time to complete their studies. Athletes enrolling in their 1st year at ENSTA Bretagne can complete their degree in 4 or 5 years rather than the usual 3, and can also benefit from flexibility in their class schedules.


Within the context of the welcome we provide competitive athletes, ENSTA Bretagne has signed an agreement for sailors with Pôle Excellence de Voile in Brest.


Vivien Majorel
Responsable du MS Management de Projets Maritimes
Responsable des sportifs de haut niveau
Enseignant activités physiques et sportives
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