ENSTA Bretagne partenaire du projet Beyond The Sea® : traction de navire par kite
Beyond The Sea

Nedeleg: Kite propulsion research

11 June 2015
Throughout high school, preparatory classes and his time at ENSTA Bretagne, Nedeleg managed to combine study and high-level sport activities. These days, he's still sailing, but mainly for pleasure. The competitive instinct and desire for achievement acquired during his time at the France Voile sailing center inspired him to pursue a PhD.
Class of 2014
PhD Student

"I have a taste for high-level performance and expertise, and I enjoy learning, so I'd like to become an expert in my scientific field."


The fundamentals of science, especially math and physics, are important to Nedeleg, and his three years of doctoral study significantly boosted his general knowledge and analytical skills.

Reducing the environmental impact of shipping

His thesis on the Beyond The Sea® project is of public interest, as it concerns efforts to limit the environmental impact of shipping.

Since 2007, sailor and engineer Yves Parlier has been working with ENSTA Bretagne and other partners on the innovative Beyond the Sea® project, which aims to reduce ship fuel consumption by 20 to 40%. This project unites manufacturers and research centers in the development of kite rigs to propel large vessels such as those of the merchant marine, pleasure boats, fishing vessels or even in the safety sector.

It has received support from Ademe's* Investments for the Future program in the Vehicle of the Future category. Degree and PhD students and researchers at ENSTA Bretagne have been involved with the project since it began.

Kite-based ship propulsion

Research has centered on several subjects: kite auto-pilots, a giant kite (over 100 m²), sail size and the maneuverability and the seaworthiness of a kite-propelled ship. This last point is the focus of Nedeleg's thesis, which examines how kite propulsion influences maneuverability, and what effect the ship's movement has on the kite.

This has been a great opportunity for Nedeleg to learn and to delve deeply into a subject with the goal of mastering all its complexities. The thesis is a demanding project requiring scientific rigor, curiosity, an international approach and inventiveness. It's about advancing science and generating new knowledge for the industry, and perseverance will lead to progress. Nedeleg's advisors are ENSTA Bretagne research professors specialized in mechanics and in the dynamics of fluids, materials and naval architecture. The advisory team's experience in research methods will enable them to support Nedeleg as he develops his thesis.

* Ademe: French Environment and Energy Management Agency