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Core Curriculum Specialized Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management - Ship Maintenance

The core curriculum of the Specialized Master's Degree® in Naval Project Management includes a series of lectures, conferences and tutorials that provide you with the required prerequisites for managing a project. In addition, and on the basis of subjects proposed by companies, "design office" sessions complete this part of the course. This is carried out as a team and involves all the students of the Specialized Master's Degree.

Detailed program

UE1 : Fondamental skills
  • Industrial marketing and communication
  • Serious managerial game
  • Projects management tool: MS Project (software), GANTT (software)
  • Organise a naval project
  • Management of innovative projects
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain
  • Financial analysis (understanding and accounting)
  • International technology transfer (difficulty in managing contracts between countries, etc.)
  • General architecture and interactions between a ship's main systems
  • Design principles to be grasped during the life cycle (major assessments, structures, etc.)
  • Preparation for the end of course dissertation
  • Conferences and Visits to industrial sites


UE2 : Commercial and contractual relations
  • Contracts: technical and administrative aspects
  • Management control
  • Contractual risk management
  • Insurance against ship maintenance risks


UE3 : Design Office
  • Naval project