ENSTA Bretagne : rafale, système complexe

The Military Engineering Program (IETA)

This is a program for french students who wish to join the IETA (Ingénieurs des Etudes et Techniques de l’Armement) corps of military engineers. Within the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), these engineers design and conduct weapons programs, prepare major systems, and assess and test equipment, within the framework of national and international cooperation initiatives.

Important note: this program is only open to French nationals. Find out more about the admission process and criteria (website in French)

To train students to become job-ready general and specialist engineers.

  • Year 0: Introduction to the military
  • Year 1: General engineering program
  • Year 2: Gradual specialization
  • Year 3: Employment transition
Documentation (in French)



Why become an IETA ?
ENSTA Bretagne : Ingénieur Militaire
What is the IETA corps ?

The IETA is one of the French corps of military engineers. Within the French Government defense procurement and technology agency  (DGA), which is the leading investor for the French government, they design and lead the major weapons programs.

IETA engineers quickly rise to supervisory and senior positions.

Graduates of the IETA program must commit to working at least 6 years for the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. Their first consulting, design or testing assignments can be in a wide variety of highly innovative fields: cybersecurity, pyrotechnics, hydrography, mechanics, etc.