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ENSTA Bretagne is awarded DD&RS certification

ENSTA Bretagne
On May 13, 2022, ENSTA Bretagne was awarded DD&RS certification by the certification committee of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and France Universités (formerly CPU, the national body of University Vice-Chancellors), for a 4-year period.

What is DD&RS certification?

Established in 2015 by the CGE and CPU, DD&RS certification is aimed at promoting the sustainability and social responsibility policies of French higher education and research institutions. 

The DD&RS framework covers the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the UN at international level and is organized around the five following pillars:  

  • Strategy & Governance
  • Education & Training
  • Research & Innovation
  • Environment
  • Social policy.

Why has ENSTA Bretagne sought to gain DD&RS certification?

The COP 2022-2026 (Performance and Objectives Contract) sets out an ambition in terms of sustainability and social responsibility in the form of strategic objectives. These are aimed, on the one hand, at energy transition across the campus and, on the other, diversity and equal opportunities. This governance ambition supports and strengthens the collective dedication of ENSTA Bretagne’s various departments and staff who have been involved in these themes for a number of years.

Drawing up the DD&RS certification application in late 2021 – early 2022 has already been an opportunity for ENSTA Bretagne to improve the identification, organization and promotion of its internal achievements.

Bruno Gruselle, Director of ENSTA Bretagne: 

ENSTA Bretagne’s DD&RS road map is a comprehensive, collective process at the scale of its campus, courses, research, student life and the new business formations we decide to incubate. The assessment we carried out was positive overall. That said, there are still many measures to take or step up in a bid to improve the environmental footprint of the campus and to ensure greater consideration of ecological concerns in the education of future engineers. Likewise, we need to work together on improving social and gender diversity at ENSTA Bretagne, from recruitment right through to graduation. We have a specific policy focusing on these areas, which I am proud to say brings together staff and students whose dedication is highlighted by this certification.

Conclusion issued on May 13: ENSTA Bretagne meets the requirements of DD&RS certification (level 3)

Following their analysis of the application and its contents (evidence, indicators, objectives, best practice sheets) and a remote audit conducted on March 5, 2022, the team of auditors composed of peers and students concluded that ENSTA Bretagne meets the requirements of DD&RS certification (level 3) for each of the aforementioned pillars. The DD&RS certification committee which met in Paris on May 13, 2022, has officially awarded DD&RS certification to ENSTA Bretagne for a 4-year period.

Thanks to this certification, we can improve our internal and external promotion of the achievements of the School’s various departments and identify areas where there is room for further progress over the years to come. Staff and students alike will have their part to play in supporting the process, in a mindset of continuous improvement.


Jean-Yves Hascoët
Quality manager
Head of Sustainable Development and Social Responsability
Tél. : +33 (0)2 98 34 89 43