ENSTA Bretagne : Projet de terrain

Program organization

ENSTA Bretagne offers a 3-year (6 semesters) engineering training program.
It consists of core courses, specialization courses, projects and internships.
This is a comprehensive program that comprises :
Core courses

This comprehensive and balanced set of courses covers the major technological fields alongside an essential human science component.

These courses provide students with a core knowledge base that prepares them for project management, research, development, and complex system design and implementation, in a wide variety of environments.

A major

You can choose between 9 majors and a wide variety of tracks to customize your training.


Students work on a different project every semester. This is an active learning experience that teaches them to work more independently.

Most project ideas are submitted by the school’s industry partners. Students work in teams and each individual is expected to show initiative.
The students are assessed based on a written report and an oral defense.



Every year, students spend several weeks or months in a company or a research center to gain professional experience.

  • Year 1: business internship (at least 4 weeks)
  • Year 2: engineering assistant technical internship (at least 12 weeks)
  • Year 3: final-year project (at least 21 weeks, from April to September)



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