ENSTA Bretagne : groupe ENSTA

The ENSTA group: advanced techniques

ENSTA Bretagne and ENSTA ParisTech are two engineering schools under the authority of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the French Government defense procurement and technology agency (DGA), in particular. The two ENSTA establishments share values and goals with the Ecole Polytechnique and ISAE-SUPAERO: excellence, multidisciplinarity, innovation and an international reach.

The two schools are linked by the same educational mission: to train students to become high-potential general engineers who develop expertise in a particular cutting-edge field and take part in complex, civilian or military, international technological programs. ENSTA establishments have gained recognition in the fields of energy, transportation, marine engineering and large industrial systems.

Cooperation principles within the ENSTA group

  • A shared name, ENSTA, associated with advanced techniques, high technology and large systems.
  • Selective enrollment, particularly in preparatory science classes (CPGE) from which ENSTA ParisTech recruits through the Mines-Ponts joint entrance exam and ENSTA Bretagne through the written tests of the Mines-Ponts joint entrance exam and the oral tests of the Mines-Télécom joint entrance exam.
  • Legal independence for both establishments with each offering different engineering degrees
  • A joint Advanced Master’s degree: Geolocation Systems and Sensors (6-year degree accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles)
  • A joint annual event: RD2M, the Rendez-vous du Monde Maritime
  • Joint extracurricular student projects (sports, BEST network, etc.)
  • Coordinated efforts by the two schools’ research laboratories