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The sports association

The Sports Association proposes a wide range of leisure or competitive sports. Each year, there are several tournaments on offer: the Tournoi des Écoles Bretonnes (TEB) (the Breton Schools Tournament), Tournoi Sportif des Grandes Écoles de la Défense (TSGED)( Graduate Defense School Tournament) or even the French Federation of University Sports Championship (FFSU).

The Sports Association offers an extremely wide range of sporting activities, including (this is not a complete list):

  • Individual sports: athletics, boxing, badminton, orienteering, horse-riding, fencing, golf, judo, windsurfing, tennis, table tennis, archery etc
  • Team sports: basketball, football handball, rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, sailing etc
  • Water sports: surfing, catamaran, J80, live-aboard sailboats

You can join the association at the beginning of the school year. There are training sessions each week, on campus or in the city of Brest (according to the activity selected).

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