ENSTA Bretagne : formations et recherches en sciences de l'information et de la communication

Data, Models, Information, Decisions (DMID)

The DMID department links complex systems, behaviors and phenomena, the data derived from them and decision-making. The varied applications include study of the seabed, the functioning of robots or large industrial systems as well as human behavior.

Research areas

The researchers develop approaches guided by mathematical and statistical models to study and represent natural phenomena, dynamic systems or sociotechnical systems, all of which generate data.

  • Information is extracted using data mining or machine learning algorithms.
  • This information can, in itself, represent an answer to the question raised, or act as a starting point for a decision-maker to reach informed or optimal decisions.
  • To guide decision-makers, operational research or decision support techniques will be used.
  • These decisions can then influence the underlying phenomena again, thereby closing this loop.


  • Knowledge of the marine environment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Management and security of offshore human activities
  • Functioning of robots and large industrial systems
  • Human behavior, etc.

Organzed into 2 research teams

  • Models and AlgoriThms for pRocessIng and eXtracting information (MATRIX)

  • DECision aid and Information DiscovEry (DECIDE)

ENSTA Bretagne contributes primarily to the Matrix team and, to a lesser extent, to Decide.



Gilles Le Chenadec
Associate professor
IT Departement
Lab-STICC laboratory/ DMID Departement/ MATRIX Team