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Julien: Embedded Systems Engineer

22 July 2014
Julien works in the Netherlands to develop uses for satellite video images.
Class of 2010

Experience in optical sensor data processing

Before his graduation in 2010, Julien was recruited by Advansee, a Nantes-based engineering office with five employees. Advansee found his profile attractive because of his multidisciplinary systems engineer profile, his flexibility and his major in electronics and signals for embedded systems (now the Observation Systems and Artificial Intelligence major).

His role was to extract relevant information from optical sensors in order to rapidly react to specific situations : for example, to ensure that a vehicle follows the white lines on a highway, or to enable the detection of a person falling onto subway rails. These tasks can be very difficult to perform without human intervention, and Julien found the challenge fascinating!

A job in satellite and video image processing

In 2012, he joined the Swedish company Spacemetric and, along with two colleagues, formed their new Netherlands team. Spacemetric was founded by two pioneers in the field of satellite imaging who created software to automate image and video processing.

"We have the flexibility of a startup and a client portfolio including some major organizations."

For me, being an engineer is a chance to contribute to the discovery of solutions that can improve end users' lives.


In 2014, working from the Netherlands, Julien developed the Brestram application to facilitate Brest inhabitants' use of public transport.