ENSTA Bretagne : formation développement durable énergies marines renouvelables

Florence: Project Manager at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC)

17 May 2018
Florence talked to us about her education and career before and after her Advanced Masters in Marine Renewable Energies, a 6-year degree accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.
Class of 2015
Marine Renewable Energies Engineer

Before the Advanced Masters in Marine Renewable Energies...

"I graduated as a mechanical engineer from the ENSMM (École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques) in 2005 and then worked for nine years (seven of them in China) doing testing and maintenance in the wind and solar energy sectors. I wanted to switch to a marine environment, so I enrolled in the Advanced Masters in Marine Renewable Energies in 2014."

... and after

"The European Marine Energy Centre tests marine turbines and wave energy converters in the Orkneys, north of Scotland. As a project manager, I facilitate access to our test sites for technology developers. I coordinate environmental license activities, authorizations to generate power on the local grid, and installations at sea. I also participate in international R&D projects that the EMEC is involved with as a marine renewable energies lab."

Florence's feedback on the program

"The richness, multidisciplinarity and excellence of the teaching (hydrodynamics, mechanical and electrical engineering) of this Advanced Master's degree gave me the skills I need to succeed in the various technical and administrative areas I work in from day to day."