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The co-operative engineering program

At ENSTA Bretagne, students can enroll in a co-operative engineering program. This is a 3-year program that produces job-ready graduates who can pursue engineering careers in the most innovative industries: maritime, automotive, aviation, defense, information and communication technology, etc.
Focusing on mechanics, electronics and IT, this co-op engineering program prepares students for a career in an international working environment.

Important note: International students who wish to enroll must have completed at least one year of initial training in France.

To train co-op students to become general and specialist engineers capable of innovating and pursuing careers in an international working environment.

  • Year 1 Core knowledge 
  • Year 2 Specialization
  • Year 3 Professional transition

Find out about ENSTA Bretagne’s Co-operative Engineering Program: an elite course giving access to four specialist fields

A comprehensive program that combines work experience and in-class training.
A comprehensive core curriculum

People and project management, business management techniques, languages (including English), as well as mathematics, IT: the core courses are the training program’s fundamental building blocks. 

4 Majors

Students in the co-operative engineering program can choose between 4 majors (Embedded Systems, Vehicle Architecture, Naval and Offshore Architecture, Engineering and Business Science). With this track students can acquire both technical and managerial skills.

Work Placements

Students must complete topic-based (quality, international environment, etc.) work placements for which they are assessed and receive individual mentoring. A co-op handbook must be filled out following each work placement. This handbook lists the skills students are expected to acquire.

Individual continuous mentoring

Co-op students are continuously mentored both during work placements, by an employment supervisor, and on campus, by a faculty advisor.

ENSTA Bretagne : Mickael en Angleterre le temps d'une séquence professionnelle

Studying abroad

Whether for a period of study or an internship, ENSTA Bretagne encourages its students to spread their wings! Pictured here: Mickaël (Class of 2018) during his stay in the UK.

ENSTA Bretagne : résidence des élèves

Living on campus 

A number of rooms in the on-campus student residence are reserved for co-op students, who are charged only for the periods they stay on site. Other student services include a dining hall, media library, sports facilities, student lounge, etc.  

ENSTA Bretagne : Brest, plage de Plougonvelin


Every year, students who opt to study in Brittany's second-largest student city can enjoy the BrEST LIFE Experience, an initiative offering students a chance to discover a different side to their host city.

Alice, co-op graduate, class of 2014

ENSTA Bretagne’s teaching staff provide both support and guidance. I was closely mentored by my faculty advisor and employment supervisor as I worked towards an engineering position. The co-op program is definitely an advantage. In addition to my degree, I gained professional experience through the various work placements. There were several headhunters that found these credentials quite attractive.