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Socio-ecological transition: organizing and supporting the development of students’ skills

ENSTA Bretagne
At ENSTA Bretagne, one of our goals is to empower students to think and take action for the socio-ecological transition. Since October 2021, this has been underpinned by the collaborative research project Holi-D Blue and its pilot scheme introduced back in the fall of 2022.
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Coherent teaching about the challenges of the socio-ecological transition.

Since September 2022, a pilot scheme has been available to students enrolled on the “Diplôme d’Ingénieur” (i.e. MSc in Eng.). Some fifty students have decided to take part in this initiative.
In the course structure, some modules have been identified as already including the transition goals. New content has been added to the syllabus. The whole forms an option that spans the three years of the course, taught through lectures, academic and non-academic projects or internships. These bear on a wide variety of themes, including eco-design, study of materials, calculation of a carbon footprint and using geospatial data for example.
Alongside this scheme, a core pillar common to all students, entitled “Workshops of the socio-ecological transition”, has been established. Three main events make this up: the Climate Fresk, a conference-debate and a “2 tonnes” immersive workshop. 


A joint venture which is continuing and growing

Funded by IsBlue, the initial scope of the Holi-D Blue project bears on maritime environmental and societal challenges. Over time, this is intended to encompass the full spectrum of ENSTA Bretagne’s expertise.
Holi-D is grounded in a holistic approach, involving multidisciplinary joint development and focus groups of contributors from both within and outside ENSTA Bretagne. Since the project is conceived as a whole process, the aim is to assess learning outcomes via this scheme and to consider how it is professionally rewarding for students (consideration about Open Badges), and how it links up with other projects and initiatives led by other institutions or businesses here and further afield.
Developed on an iterative basis and with continuous improvement in mind, the scheme is growing month by month. Five events will be held throughout the 2022/2023 academic year to give updates on progress, provide food for thought, enable teaching and other staff, who want to, to improve their training on the subject, and continue to develop it jointly.

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Efforts that chime with the recommendations in Jean Jouzel’s report

In terms of both form and content, ENSTA Bretagne’s initiatives are consistent with the road map laid out by Jean Jouzel in his report entitled “Raising awareness and educating in the challenges of the ecological transition and sustainable development in higher education”, published on February 16, 2022. The Holi-D Blue scheme involves and mobilizes students who play an active part in this approach, various partners have come on board and it is mentioned in the school’s policy which dedicates resources to the cause.

School-wide, ENSTA Bretagne’s CSR and sustainability policy is taking shape and being clarified. Strong ambitions as regards sustainable development have been factored into ENSTA Bretagne’s institutional strategy for the 2022-2027 period. In 2022, the school was awarded DD&RS certification for its CSR and sustainability efforts. On a final note, ENSTA Bretagne is currently drafting its CSR & sustainability policy which is particularly being implemented through a series of measurable objectives and commitments.