ENSTA Bretagne : Equipe Sciences Humaines et Sociales

Human and social science research for engineers: the Research Center on Adult Training

ENSTA Bretagne's human and social science research professors work within the Centre de Recherche sur la Formation (CRF EA 1410), which comes under CNAM Paris. This lab is shared with researchers from the Université Evry-Val d'Essonne and Sorbonne Université.

ENSTA Bretagne research professors working at the CRF have backgrounds in education science, sociology and management science and their work is focused on evolutions in engineering careers and education systems.

Within the engineering school context, they develop projects that combine scientific input from academic fields with knowledge of professional working environments.

Exploring engineering training and careers

Studies carried out at the lab aim to explore the relationship between social and technical spheres through the lenses of identity, knowledge bases, organization patterns and the learning process.  They integrate sociocultural dynamics from micro level (an individual dealing with a technical system) to macro level (the global evolution of engineering education systems).

Areas of expertise

•    Analysis of engineering school and higher education curricula
•    Identity-building and career paths for engineers
•    Innovative processes and training engineers in responsible innovation
•    Socio-technical approaches to engineering

Team highlights

•    Team created in 2002
•    Team associated with the CRF in 2015
•    Creation of a Joint Research Center on January 1, 2019
•    Completed projects : Craken, Tassili (Partenariat Hubert Curien) and Innov'ing (French National Research Agency)
•    Ongoing projects : RIIME (PHC) and A-STEP 2030 (ERASMUS+)