ENSTA Bretagne : travail de groupe entre plusieurs étudiants en mastère sépcialisé

Specialized advanced master: a year of expertise in a future discipline

Application deadline for the 2020 academic year: 15 May 2020

Why this 6th year of training?

The specialized advanced masters are extremely high level training courses given by graduate engineering schools and graduate management schools, to complete your training.

This 6th year post High School Certificate, enables you to obtain a degree which is recognized and valued by companies:

  • The Specialized Advanced Master is accredited by the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles)
  • A specialized advanced master enables you to acquire extreme expertise after your general training, or to obtain two sets of valuable skills for your career path.
  • Each specialized advanced master is unique and delivered by a school (or group of schools) recognized as being top level in that subject.
  • It is a solid springboard to hi-tech professional environments in future disciplines.

6 key specialized advanced masters unique in France

ENSTA Bretagne is recognized by companies as being top level in 10 fields of excellence and proposes specialized advanced masters in these 6 subjects: 

ENSTA Bretagne : Management de projets maritimes

Maritime Project Management

The aim of this specialized advanced master is to satisfy company requirements in the maritime sector by training experts capable of piloting, coordinating and evaluating maritime projects on a national and international scale.

The training is also endorsed by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique.

ENSTA Bretagne : formation mastère spécialisé expert en énergies marines renouvelables

Expert in Marine Renewable Energies (MREs)

This specialized advanced master, which graduated its 100th expert in 2019 and accompanies the creation and development of the MRE sector in France, needs no introduction. ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale, and IMT Atlantique (co-accredited schools) and many other partners have all joined forces

The courses cover the design of different marine renewable energy capture systems (wind, wave or thermal energy), the analysis of their impact and the management of major MRE programs.

This specialized advanced master has also received the endorsement of the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and the Institut National France Energies Marines.

Port and Maritime Systems Cybersecurity

It is one of the great technological challenges of today and years to come: countering current attacks and detecting future threats, to defend and operate complex maritime and port systems.

The training is endorsed by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, and the companies it represents, and is the reference in maritime innovation.
The training is given by 4 graduate and post graduate engineering schools: ENSTA Bretagne, IMT Atlantique, Ecole Navale and ENSM; 3 of these schools are members of the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber, a national reference body for research and innovation in cybersecurity.

ENSTA Bretagne : Formation Architecture Navale

Maritime Engineering, Naval and Offshore Architecture and Ship Design

This Specialized Advanced Master aims to train naval architects, project leaders, studies engineers, research engineers or shipyard managers, in the design and completion of all types of ships and naval platforms.

It can be followed in conjunction with the DPEA (advanced diploma in architecture) of the architecture school ENSA Paris La Vilette, enabling studies in sailboat design, which combine both naval architecture for engineers and architects. 

ENSTA Bretagne : formation d'ingénieur en pyrotechnie et propulsion, décollage du lanceur Vega
CNES/ESA/Arianespace/Optique Vidéo CSG, 2016

Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

Expertise in pyrotechnics and  detonics are crucial in the development of many cutting edge technologies (aerospace, automobile, defense, civil engineering etc).

This advanced master enables specialization in this flagship discipline, which is taught exclusively by ENSTA Bretagne.

The objective is to learn how to master the physical phenomena of combustion, deflagration and detonation to integrate them in a mechanical propulsion system.

ENSTA Bretagne : formation d'ingénieur en télécommunications

Multi-Sensor and Localization Systems Engineering

The objective of this training delivered by ENSTA Bretagne and ENSTA Paris, on the Paris campus (at Palaiseau), is to design multi-sensor technological packages.