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The Specialized Advanced Master in “Maritime Project Management” is being rounded off by a second course on “ship maintenance”

Three years after it was created, the MS is broadening its curriculum to provide a choice of two courses from September 2021: “Maritime Project Management” and “Ship Maintenance”. This training, leading to an equivalent of 5 to 6 years’ higher education, is now a firm feature of the maritime sector. In addition to preparing future managers of international maritime projects, the Specialized Advanced Master will also meet the need for experts in ship maintenance (also referred to in French by the initials “MCO”, which stands for keeping in operational condition).

The new course with the "ship maintenance" option is the result of year-long joint efforts between ENSTA Bretagne, the Naval Academy and Ministry for the Armed Forces. ENSTA Bretagne and the Naval Academy have just sent the application to open this second course to the Association of Grandes Ecoles (CGE), which accredits Specialized Advanced Masters.

Behind the increasing drive being witnessed in the maritime industry (shipbuilding and maintenance, maritime and port planning and development, marine energies, harnessing of resources, etc.) are high-level, and often specific, technical, methodological and organizational skills. 

This observation led to the introduction, in 2018, of a Specialized Advanced Master at ENSTA Bretagne in “Maritime Project Management”, the equivalent of 5 to 6 years’ higher education, accredited by the Association of Grandes Ecoles (CGE). More recently, this drive has more particularly been described in terms of keeping civil and military vessels in operational condition (MCO) and prompted the Minister for the Armed Forces to ask for an additional course in this field to be created, both to support the sector’s modernization and promote the expertise of France’s maritime industry, not least on the international stage.

The Naval Academy and ENSTA Bretagne have joined forces to design this new course dedicated to ship maintenance, associating it with the modules of the Specialized Advanced Master in “Maritime Project Management”: the two semesters of training include a common syllabus, two specialization paths to choose from and one semester given over to a professional internship.

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Semester 1 (September to February) Semester  2 (March to August)
Common Syllabus (ENSTA Bretagne) "Maritime Project Management" option(ENSTA Bretagne) Professional internship
"Ship Maintenance" (École navale)    


Timetable and admission procedure 

  • Up to April 6, 2021 : online application on the ww.ensta-bretagne.fr website (to be filled in for the Ship Maintenance option by registering on the ecole-navale.fr website)
  • April-June: Admission results
  • Mid-September: MS begins

Course prerequisites:

  • 5 years’ higher education (engineering or Master’s degree or equivalent), or first-year Master’s degree (or equivalent) together with 3 years of professional experience, or more than 10 years of professional experience.

  • Training/Experience in engineering fields (mechanical, energy or information & communication science & technology), marine and coastal science, project management, and in Civil or Military Navy Officer duties.



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Admissions Coordinator (French students)
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Admissions Coordinator international students (free movers)