ENSTA Bretagne : rentrée 2019
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The new school year 2019 is off to a great start

ENSTA Bretagne
Excellent recruiting (students and associate professors), best ever gender balance with almost one third female students in the 1st year, increased numbers of co-operative students…all the signs are there for a successful 53rd academic year !

All systems are go

  • Best ever gender balance: almost one third of the students are female for the new intake of student engineers (2022 cohort), in contrast to the usual 22%. Feminization is improving in the two engineering cycles: 30% for the general training after preparatory classes (an increase of 10 points), 20% in co-operative training, 2 years post high school certificate (up by 8 points).
  • An increasing number of co-operative engineering students: 50 cooperative engineering students, up by 20%
  • High level students selected in all disciplines (general, mechanical or digital technology majors): the students’ level continues to increase, via competitive entry (the school is the head of the Mines Telecom competitive entry selection involving 14 schools) and via academic record assessment (from universities and 2 year post high school certificate diplomas).
  • Different nationalities represented (25).
  • Dynamic student projects (about forty clubs presented on 27 September)
  • 14 new staff, including Rémy Thibaud, the new Dean of Faculty
pascal pinot

A word from the Director, Pascal Pinot

« ENSTA Bretagne "engineer" programs have an excellent reputation for candidates on a national scale. The school is once again classed at the head of the Competitive Entry Selection Mines Télécom and is in the top 20 schools preferred by students in preparation for the competitive entry examinations.

ENSTA Bretagne is very popular, especially for young women. This is one of the good news stories for this new academic year: ENSTA Bretagne engineer training has received almost 30% female students in the first year whereas the average was 22%. This is excellent progress due to the wide range of options and specialisms, the excellent image of the school, the quality of the professional careers of our alumni and the many activities organized with college and high school students.

Moreover, it is a female student who holds the most important position on our campus this year: Raphaëlle M. (2021 cohort) in military engineer training is the president of the Student Union or Bureau des Elèves and, together with her team is in charge of all the student activities.

Another great piece of news is that the diversification of our training profiles is continuing. We have had our largest ever intake of co-operative engineering students, with over 50 new recruits via academic record assessment and interview, following on from mostly an IUT or a BTS.

In the next few days, the master and specialized advanced master students will also start lessons. The total number of students and PhD students (from 3 to 8 years post high school certificate level) should be about 975. 

The excellent level of the students in each training profile is a strong point for our industrial partners and a great reward for all the teaching team. The school’s attractiveness is also highlighted by the quality of the recruitments: 14 new colleagues have joined all the departments of the school. They come from all over France and have not thought twice about coming to Brest!"


ENSTA Bretagne : Hydrocontest-X 2019, mise à l'eau du navire ENSTA Bretagne

Highlights of the new school year 2019 

  • Participation in the HydroContest-X challenge (eco-friendly ships) in Switzerland (from 1 to 6 September).
  • 1st « BEST » European network training program in Brest and Western France from 26 October to 2 November, organized by the new ENSTA Bretagne BEST student club. 
  • Up to 16 September, start of the academic year for students following the 11 masters and 5 specialized advanced masters
  • New Jobs and Careers Forum with companies on 22 October
  • Graduation of the 100th marine renewable energies expert on 4 September (cf. press release on 4 September - in French)

Other notable events

Download the press release (in French)


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