ENSTA Bretagne : Bureau des élèves pour l'année 2019/2020

Raphaëlle, new Student Union president

Student Life
A new team has just been elected to manage the Student Union or BDE in French. Raphaëlle, a military student engineer is taking over from Blas, apprentice engineer as head of this association at the heart of ENSTA Bretagne student life.
ENSTA Bretagne : Raphaëlle, présidente du BDE 2019-2020

Raphaëlle comes from Le Havre. She joined ENSTA Bretagne after two years of preparatory classes (Physics and Sciences for Engineers*) in Rouen

« I chose ENSTA Bretagne to be able to study naval architecture. The discovery of the IETA military engineering option during fairs came as a true revelation. I have always been attracted to the defense sector and the possibility of a “Year 0” in the forces seemed to be an opportunity not to be missed. So, naturally I chose this option!”

How did you become president of the Student Union ?

There were not many of us when we created our list "ENST1 fameux trois mâts" , so we had to think about future members and future roles. The position of “Prez” was going and I said to myself “why not”. There has never been a “Mili’ Prez”! And this decision was voted in unanimously by the list. That’s how I found myself at the head of a list during the campaigns and now of the Student Union.

What, for you, was the best moment of this period (Student Union campaign)?

After three intensive weeks of competition between the lists, the campaigns enable the new Student Union to be elected. The days were full of evening events, outdoor activities, games and tonnes of crepes for the whole school to enjoy.

From this period, I will always remember our list’s team spirit, especially when organizing major events such as the Olympiads, the sports tournaments or the evenings, for the enjoyment of the Enstasiens/Enstasiennes.

What projects are in the pipeline from your team for the year 2019/2020 ?

For the coming year, we have numerous projects, especially with the Bureau de la Glisse  (ride ‘n’ slide sports club) to organize a surf trip or just lessons for beginners, which did not exist in previous years.

Moreover, we mainly wish to concentrate on a cause which is particularly close to our hearts: sustainable development. Firstly, through simple gestures such as sorting waste from the halls of residence or beach cleaning.

If you were to persuade someone cramming for graduate engineering school to choose ENSTA Bretagne, what would you say ?

As well as being a very good engineering school, ENSTA Bretagne is special because of its good atmosphere. You will have something to do every day!

Brest is far from Paris : well 3 hours 26 mins is like a commute from Gif sur Yvette into Paris, but it is by the sea, so take your pick of water and sliding sports and discover a region where it does not rain all that much  after all!

ENSTA Bretagne : Bureau des élèves 2019-2020

Student Union's team 2019/2020


President of the Student Union
Military student engineer (class 2021)