ENSTA Bretagne : formation hydrographe carte berges Vassivière
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Distance learning: for example Hydrography

Hydrography - Oceanography
At ENSTA Bretagne, all training is being done remotely.
Learning via the internet is a real challenge for a discipline such as Hydrography, where the training is based on the acquisition and interpretation of data.

Luckily, most of the practical work had been done at the beginning of the year 2020 and so the impact was minimal. The hydrography students had been on board the Panopée (ENSTA Bretagne’s hydrographic survey vessel) to scan the approaches to Brest Port. That enabled the students to have hands-on experience of different sensors: central inertia, single beam and multibeam echo sounders, GNSS receivers and so on.

Since the beginning of March, the students have been processing and analyzing the data gathered during the practical work in Brest Roadstead. Thanks to the QPS Company, which very kindly granted temporary licenses for the Qimera and Fledermaus software to all the students, the lessons on bathymetric processing were able to continue.

ENSTA Bretagne : enseignement à distance de l'hydrographie

Directed study on bathymetric processing using Qimera software. The Discord platform enables the teachers to be in direct contact with the students and to help them use the software.

The Discord platform is used to communicate with the students and to follow their work progress. Discussion and chat streams are the main means to communicate. They enable discussions on the results, as well as giving each group regular feedback on their progress.

The protective measures in place mean that distance-learning will continue until the month of June.

ENSTA Bretagne should like to thank the QPS Company most warmly for the loan of the bathymetric software licenses.