ENSTA Bretagne : deux nouvelles formations dans le domaine maritime à la rentrée 2018

Two new programs in the maritime domain

ENSTA Bretagne
Naval and Offshore Architecture
Engineering and Business Science
On Monday September 17, ENSTA Bretagne launched the French and Australian Double Master in Marine Engineering (surface ship and submarine design) and the Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management. These programs were developed in response to the need for skills in firms working in the particularly international context of the maritime sector.

In Brest, engineering students returned to school at the end of August, with Master’s and Advanced Master's students joining them on Monday 17 September. The two new postgraduate programs draw on a wide variety of disciplines such as mechanical sciences, human sciences and IT. Students are drawn to ENSTA Bretagne by the disciplines that form its reputation for excellence and that can provide them with the skills sought by firms working in such high-tech fields as mobile robotics,  cybersecurity, hydrography (Category A), naval architecture, marine renewable energies, pyrotechnic systems and automotive engineering.

We have added two new programs to our maritime sector offerings as of September 2018: one is focused on military naval system design, and the other on maritime project management. These two programs respond to the trend of globalization in the naval industry, as highlighted by PIRIOU Group CEO Pascal Piriou in his inaugural speech. 

As sponsor of the first Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management class, Pascal Piriou shared some of his experience as manager and director of the international Piriou shipyards, where a diverse group of 1,035 employees (representing 15 nationalities) constructs and maintains all types of civilian and military vessels.

He described the growth and globalization strategy of his family business, which was founded 50 years ago in the southern Finistère town of Concarneau. 57 jobs have been created there to advance the firm's international expansion. Mr. Piriou highlighted the importance of the human aspect of business, stating that:

"All the rest, including technical and financial aspects, will follow (...), understanding others, whether clients or employees, is essential." 

This fascinating presentation on the globalization of the shipbuilding industry was attended by the program’s partners: the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Bretagne Pôle Naval clusters, the City of Brest, the Campus Mondial de la Mer network and Sciences Po Rennes. Also present were ENSTA Bretagne management and teaching staff, Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management students, and students from Sciences Po Rennes’ Terre et Mer Master’s program.

In order to meet its goals, the program is organized around 6 areas of expertise:
- maritime project planning and implementation
- technical assessment
- international team management
- administrative and financial management
- communication and partnership management
- quality assessment and improvement

- évaluation et développement de la qualité

The French-Australian Double Master in Marine Engineering in partnership with the University of Adelaide (UoA)

This program trains naval architects and specialists in weapon systems, surface ships and submarines (ENSTA Bretagne's Master’s programs are accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation). Following on from the launch of Naval Group’s program to build 12 submarines in Australia, the Double Master aims to develop shipbuilding industry skills in the two nations.

Students will complete 3 semesters of study. 5 French and 5 Australian students began classes at ENSTA Bretagne in September, where they will follow an English-language syllabus including courses on naval hydrodynamics, fluid dynamics and ship design. From February to July 2019, they will attend classes on such topics as propulsion, sensors and combat systems at the University of Adelaide in Australia. The program will wrap up with an end-of-course internship running from August 2019 to January 2020.

The inaugural lecture of the Double Master in Marine Engineering will be held on September 27 at ENSTA Bretagne, and will be attended by partners of the University of Adelaide and of Naval Group.