ENSTA Bretagne : admissions en formation d'ingénieur

Information on health insurance

French health insurance reimburses 70% of the cost of a visit to your personal doctor. For more comprehensive reimbursement of your health care costs, you can subscribe to a supplemental health insurance plan (mutuelle) which will reimburse the 30% of costs not covered by mandatory health insurance.

New Non-EU International Students 

Are you planning on studying in France for the next school year? To obtain medical coverage as soon as you arrive, you must register on the French health insurance website (French, English and Spanish versions available) : https://etudiant-etranger.ameli.fr/

New EU Students

Are you beginning your higher-education studies in France? There is no change in your medical coverage, and your medical costs will continue to be covered by your current health care insurer (usually your parents’ or legal guardians’ insurer). You will not be charged for health care in France. Please remember, however, to create an account on the French health insurance website, AMELI. 


  1. CREATE your account online at ameli.fr
  2. PROVIDE your bank account details
  3. REGISTER with a doctor, if you haven’t already done so
  4. UPDATE your health card (on the machines available in pharmacies or at CPAM health insurance offices)
  5. CHECK that your personal health insurance number (NIR) is registered with your primary and supplementary health insurance providers
  6. OPTIMIZE YOUR COVERAGE: we recommend supplementary health insurance coverage, whether through your parents or on an individual plan.

How to contact the french health insurance service

By e-mail

By phone

By visiting

Through your Ameli online account, under the heading Ma messagerie your local CPAM branch