ENSTA Bretagne : Visite d'une délégation de l'IIT GoA (Inde)

Signature of a partnership agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology, Goa

France and India have confirmed their desire to encourage the development of two-way exchanges in the field of higher education and research. On Monday, 20 January, the Indian Institute of Technology, Goa (ITT Goa) signed 9 partnerships with Campus Mondial de la Mer, including a partnership agreement in the field of marine sciences and technologies with ENSTA Bretagne.

The partnership will cover the following fields:

  • marine renewable energies
  • advanced computation techniques, mathematics and digital modeling,
  • combustion technologies,
  • chemistry,
  • marine biotechnologies,
  • non-destructive testing and evaluation,
  • bio-environments,
  • AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles): sensors, imaging, data processing and interpretation, autonomy,
  • acoustics,
  • physical oceanography and oceanographic sensors,
  • marine physics: ocean and climate, geophysics, hydrodynamics and oceanographic data science.

They include :

  • joint development of Master programs and theses 
  • discussions with staff, undergraduate, Master and PhD students, post graduates and researchers 
  • information exchanges for educational, research and innovative purposes 
  • the creation of joint education and research activities,
  • the creation of joint research programs,
  • publications and symposia.
The partners and signatories:
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