ENSTA Bretagne - Salons Etudiants


Our orientation services accompany you throughout your academic career, right from your first day of school. Cellule AcOr encourages students to begin thinking early about their career path in order to be fully invested in their education.
ENSTA Bretagne : Salon Azimut

Cellule AcOr: a key player in orientation services

Every new student attends an interview with Cellule AcOr.

This meeting is a pivotal moment for students who have not yet taken time to reflect on their professional qualifications or their career path.

Got questions? Need your resume or cover letter proofread?

Cellule AcOr is here for you: contact us to make an appointment.

Cellule AcOr: on the move with you

We establish and maintain contact with exchange students.

Answer questionnaires while on exchange

During your exchange, we will send you questionnaires which provide us with feedback on your arrival, integration, housing and transport budget, schedule and academics.

Our questionnaires aim to:

  • alert us to any problems and allow us to make the necessary decisions
  • draw up a panorama for each establishment
  • provide valuable information to future students wishing to do an exchange

At the end of your exchange, all the information required for your return to school will be communicated to you in a timely fashion (choice of credits for the coming year, school calendar, etc.).

Cellule AcOr is here to help!