ENSTA Bretagne : Enseignant avec ses élèves


Cellule AcOr counselors support students throughout their academic career. They partner with other school staff to provide support in 3 main areas: personal counseling, academic counseling, and career path counseling.
ENSTA Bretagne : Rentrée des élèves

Personal counseling

Students are constantly being challenged by new situations which can sometimes cause difficulties. Cellule AcOr can intervene to help you resolve your problems, whether family-related, financial or personal. We help find solutions that enable you to regain motivation and access the resources needed to pursue your studies in the best possible circumstances.

Academic counseling

Cellule AcOr monitors students’ individual academic performance, with a particular focus on the periods before and after end-of-semester academic jury results.  Juries determine which subjects students have passed and those for which they will need to retake certain exams in the 2nd examination period. A jury may decide that a student must repeat a year.

Individual interviews are scheduled to better understand the causes of academic difficulties and to try to find solutions, such as new study methods.

Career path counseling

Cellule AcOr schedules an individual interview with each new student. During this meeting, we explore the ENSTA Bretagne programs and majors open to you and examine options for personalizing your program, including gap years, exchanges, double degrees, etc.

Throughout their academic career, students are also supported by teaching staff through activities such as:

  • Human and Social Science classes to improve self-knowledge and interpersonal skills
  • writing and updating resumes and cover letters
  • meetings with alumni who contribute a wealth of knowledge about careers, projects and the world of business
  • interview role-plays to allow students to rate and improve their performance


Sylvie Guidal
Welcome, Counseling, Orientation
Student Counselor
Contact Person for Disabled Students
Office: F107B
+33 (02) 98 34 88 63


Laurence Gautier
Welcome, Counseling, Orientation
Student Counselor
Office: F107