ENSTA Bretagne : groupe de collégiennes en découverte d'une école d'ingénieurs

Drawing more women into engineering: the “L codent L créent” team welcomes female secondary school students

ENSTA Bretagne
Student Life
As part of the “Les cordées de la réussite” initiative, female engineering students involved in the L codent L créent project showed two groups of female secondary school students around ENSTA Bretagne. The aim of this visit and full program was to demystify the engineering professions and show that they are accessible to young women.

Through the L codent Le créent project, these 14–15-year-old female students were able to attend introductory sessions to Python programming led by female students at ENSTA Bretagne.

This open day, in addition to the workshops, gave the secondary school students an opportunity to visit a world-class French engineering school and research center. They were able to hear about various student projects such as one exploring an autonomous sailboat poised to cross the Atlantic.

We would have loved to have been in their shoes when we were their age. So we were thrilled to support this project. We are also proud to be able to share our knowledge with the younger generation and, who knows, perhaps inspire career choices, explain two female students at ENSTA Bretagne who organized the visit.

The whole day was greatly appreciated by the female secondary school students. Although not all of them intend to go on to do engineering, they were delighted to find out about the myriad aspects of the engineering profession.

I was impressed by how independent the ENSTA Bretagne students were, and how well they got on with their lecturers!

Very positive feedback for this year’s project!


Cécile Plaud
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