ENSTA Bretagne : ateliers de sensibilisation aux handicaps, basket fauteuil handisport

Disability: support, follow-up and awareness-raising among students

ENSTA Bretagne
From the time they arrive and throughout their studies, students with disabilities are supported to enable them to fully experience their years of study at ENSTA Bretagne. Awareness-raising activities are also carried out for all students.

Shortly after their admission to ENSTA Bretagne, new students are contacted and informed that there is a disability advisor on campus and that accommodations are possible. They are provided with a practical guide that contains useful contacts and practical information.
Sylvie Guidal is the disability advisor for students:

I individually meet with the students concerned when they arrive on campus, and as soon as the need arises. We discuss their situation and review any difficulties they may be experiencing. The aim is to be able to take steps quickly and provide them with solutions.

Allowance of extra time, parking near classrooms, deploying of signs indicating the location of lifts... steps are often simple to take and have a direct positive impact on the education of students.

ENSTA Bretagne : sensibilisation au handicap, atelier de lecture et d'écriture en braille

In parallel, steps are taken each year to make all students aware of disabilities through the initiatives of specialized associations, testimonies from professionals, the organizing of exhibitions, etc.

The primary aim is inclusion. The future engineers that we train need to understand what diversity of profiles and backgrounds brings to a team. We try to make them aware of this.


Sylvie Guidal
Welcome, Counseling, Orientation
Student Counselor
Contact Person for Disabled Students
Office: F107B
+33 (02) 98 34 88 63