ENSTA Bretagne : architecture et hybridation d'un camion

Architecture and hybridization strategy of a 44-ton truck: 2nd prize for 2 ENSTA Bretagne students

Vehicle Architecture
Every year, the French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA) organizes a congress and proposes a technical subject open to all students in the form of a competition: the SIA Student Challenge.
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In 2020, Antoine Bourasseau and Anaïs Barbot, both students at ENSTA Bretagne majoring in vehicle architecture, produced a poster to answer the following question:

What architecture and hybridization strategy for a 44-ton long-haul truck?

This challenge was completed as part of the "System Application" module. It was a group project proposal for the final year of the engineering program put forward by industrial stakeholders. The students expressed their preferences regarding a list of project proposals (in connection with the automobile sector for the Vehicle Architecture major). Once the subjects had been allocated, the students were given a number of weeks to address them.

For their project, Anaïs and Antoine were fortunate to be supervised by an engineer from the PSA Group (Mr Dollinger), who got them thinking about their choices and guided their thought process.

This subject appealed to us as it’s really relevant today and gave us an opportunity to further our knowledge in the key sector of vehicle electrification.

The SIA 2020 International Congress, Powertrain, was 100% digital given the health context. Antoine and Anaïs’ work was commented on during a video conference in front of a crowd of engineers from the automobile sector (including Renault, PSA and Volvo Group): a 10-minute presentation in English followed by 10 minutes of questions in English.

This has been a very rewarding experience. We were able to approach the theme of commercial vehicles from a completely new angle and to draw on the theoretical knowledge we had acquired at ENSTA Bretagne to begin our work. We’ve also learned more about electrical machines for road haulage and the sector of hybrid vehicles in general.

Antoine Bourasseau and Anaïs Barbot scooped an admirable second place in the competition thanks to their realistic, high-quality work.

Anaïs is currently continuing her studies at IFP School as part of apprenticeship training with PSA, which will enable her to earn a 2nd engineering qualification in the Motorization major. Antoine, meanwhile, is hunting for his first job in the automobile sector. If his profile fits what you’re looking for, please get in touch with him!