ENSTA Bretagne : accord de double diplome avec Adélaide

Signature of the agreement for a double diploma in Maritime Engineering

ENSTA Bretagne
Naval and Offshore Architecture
On 2 May, witnessed by Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, Pascal Pinot, Director of ENSTA Bretagne graduate and post graduate engineering school in Brest and Peter Rathjen, President of the University of Adelaide, South Australia, signed a doube diploma agreement which formalized the creation of a joint training path for the two establishments in Maritime Engineering.

Starting from the new academic year 2018, the Franco-Australian double master responds to the strong demand for skills in the design of naval systems. Following the launch of a program to build 12 submarines in Australia by Naval Group, this program offers both countries major opportunities to develop skills in the world industries of the maritime sector and naval defense in particular. 

The curriculum contains training periods at ENSTA Bretagne and the University of Adelaide on complementary themes aiming to provide solid skills in maritime engineering, which interests many companies in France and Australia. 

Pascal Pinot underlined the strategic importance of this agreement which hinges on the program for future Australian submarines.

The Maritime and Submarine Engineering Master will strengthen efforts enabling the creation of skills necessary for carrying out the program in Australia. I am delighted with this outcome with the University of Adelaide which echoes the cooperation which has developed between our two countries.


Guiding an increase in skills in the surface vessel and submarine sector

The construction of the first submarine in Australia should begin between 2022 and 2023. It requires immediate specific support through the training of specialists in maritime engineering prepared to integrate this ambitious program. The University of Adelaide and ENSTA Bretagne, both recognized for their expertise in this field, wish to pool their skills to train future French and Australian engineers. 

Both French and Australian students will take part in this program

The program targets Master 1 students who wish to specialize in maritime engineering and professionals looking to improve and broaden their skills. From the new 2018 academic year, 10 students will be selected for this program, 5 French and 5 Australian, selected by both establishments. Eventually, about forty students should be trained each year.

A 3 semester program in France and Australia

This new program, opening next September, will cover 3 semesters. In September, the students will start the academic year at ENSTA Bretagne in Brest. They will follow their courses in English, including classes in Naval Hydrodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Naval Design Methods. From February to July 2019, the training continues at the University of Adelaide in the fields of propulsion sensors and the integration of combat systems.  It will finish with an end of studies internship from August to January 2020.

An international partnership

This partnership is also a logical consequence of the internationalization of higher education and maritime training. The multicultural dimension of the two campuses is a major asset in attracting the best students.

Career prospects

The specialized qualification in maritime engineering will lead to careers which correspond to the requirements of employers such as the defense industry and its suppliers. As a school under its administrative authority, ENSTA Bretagne is part of the effort of the Ministère des Armées (French Ministry of Armed Forces) to encourage cooperation between France and Australia. It also enables companies of Southern Australia to slot into numerous defense projects linked to the sea which will be launched locally during the next 20 or 30 years, including submarines, frigates and offshore structures.