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MSc application process

This page summarizes the application process for our MSc programs. These two-year training programs are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Master’s level).

Procedure 2021/2022

From October 18 Online pre-registration.
(registration deadline : april 4)
By April 4* Full application submission
All required documents must have been submitted together with the € 30 application fee.
May Admissions committee 
A committee analyzes all applications. Selection interviews and level assessment tests can be organized.
Before the summer  Admission results
You will be informed by by email before the summer.

* The application period could be extended under exceptional circumstances for applicants from partner institutions.

Important note: In order to obtain a visa, international students must, in addition to this application process, follow the relevant procedure on the Campus France website.

Particular case : To get admission for the MSc Automotive Engineering, you have to submit your application on the dedicated website. 

Admission requirements

To enroll for one of our MSc programs, you must hold a BSc degree or equivalent.

Language Level

The candidate’s level of language should enable him or her to follow classes taught in French and English. A minimum level of B1 is recommended in both languages.


Selection Criteria

Application. Selection interviews and level assessment tests can be organized.


Find out about application fees and tuition

Graduation requirements

This degree is awarded to all students who have passed the written examinations, practical examinations and successfully completed their final project.