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Gradual resumption on campus at ENSTA Bretagne

ENSTA Bretagne
The much awaited moment has arrived … the gradual reopening of the campus for the staff started this Monday 11 May. This is just a stage in the proceedings for many of us, as most of ENSTA Bretagne’s activities have continued by telecommuting.

As the Prime Minister pointed out: 

Monday 11 May is the first day of a new phase (…) This demands discipline on the part of everybody. Mastering this epidemic is a question of time.

ENSTA Bretagne has started reopening the school to its staff, enabling the few activities that could not be continued at a distance to start up again, in particular the test campaigns in the research institute. The school is reopening with a reduced number of staff, as telecommuting is continuing wherever possible, which makes organization much simpler according to the personal situations of the personnel (staff and family members at risk, looking after the children and so on). For those working on campus, there are strict prevention measures in place and every precaution is being taken.

  • For the students, the lessons are continuing remotely until the summer as planned, and continuous assessment is being increasingly used. Many are on internships in companies or remotely. Some students are finding it hard to find an internship and are being helped by the school. Moreover, the directives for internships have been broadened to keep the same apprenticeship objectives but in more varied fields of experience and with deadlines which have been increased in some instances, until December 2020, which is the case for the final year projects. Since mid-March, the teaching staff have been putting their thinking caps on to adapt their lessons showing ingenuity, attentiveness and goodwill. Through adapting the learning methods, assessments and graduation we are ensuring that skills continue to be acquired. The students are receiving help and being granted flexibility in respect of the changes proposed by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI), the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), our supervisory body (DGA) and the Government.
  • For the co-operative (apprentice) engineers, they are on the payroll of the companies who are hosting them for their co-operative training for the next 3 years. They follow the employer’s recommendations for working in the company or at a distance. Their lesson periods are continuing as planned and are via the Internet. The possibility of ENSTA Bretagne hosting some small groups for lessons before the summer holidays is being studied. A decision will soon be made.

At the same time, the new 2020 academic year is being prepared+info.