ENSTA Bretagne : Outils et Méthodes Innovantes

Active learning

Lectures, tutorials, projects, MOOCs: ENSTA Bretagne’s teaching methods are varied and benefit from constant pedagogical innovation. Once or twice a year, teaching staff dedicate a day to discussing practices and seeking new methods.

ENSTA Bretagne’s active learning approach takes various forms. The following are a few examples:

Project-based learning

In a simulated professional environment, students work in groups to solve a practical problem. This type of participative learning offers numerous benefits.

Teaching innovation

At ENSTA Bretagne, teaching takes place in an innovation-friendly environment. For example, the Diplôme d'ingénieur (MSc in Eng.) program develops student creativity through cultural awareness workshops on themes including theater and ceramics.

A multicultural environment

In addition to compulsory second-language classes and the option of learning a third language, ENSTA Bretagne offers intercultural training to prepare students for integration into multicultural teams and workplaces.

Valuing extracurricular involvement

In September 2018, ENSTA Bretagne established a student involvement valorization system. Upon request and after validation, students’ extracurricular activities can earn them a degree supplement, a certificate, or extra grade points.

Digital tools (Moodle, ePortfolio, etc.)

Class materials distributed by ENSTA Bretagne teachers are also available on Moodle, giving students continuous access to resources. This online platform is constantly being improved in order to make digital resources even more interactive.

ENSTA Bretagne : Ateliers Pédagogiques

Events to share innovative teaching practices

Teaching workshops

Every year, teachers meet for a day to step back from the classroom, share points of view, and learn about new teaching methods.

In 2018, teachers addressed the concept of multiples, considering how to turn increasing complexity, diversity and uncertainty to their advantage. Grégoire Robin of the Nantes firm Agile Garden spoke at a conference-debate on the contribution of the Agile method (Scrum) to group work and projects. Teachers discussed their practices in relation to the method's 3 main principles: addressing complexity simply, relying on teams, and continuous improvement.

The day ended with thematic panel sessions on the topics of teaching in a foreign language, the possibilities offered by diverse teaching spaces, and multicultural groups (managing heterogeneous groups with different learning styles and a common objective: what to do, and, most importantly, how to do it).

ENSTA Bretagne : QPES

QPES: a scientific symposium on teaching methods in higher education

Since 2001, ENSTA Bretagne has partnered with other higher education establishments to organize this important biennial symposium, attended by hundreds of teachers and research professors.

Questions de Pédagogies dans l'Enseignement Supérieur (Teaching Methods in Higher Education) is a key event in the scientific education community, providing numerous sector professionals with an opportunity to meet and discuss their ideas and experiences, with the goal of improving practice.

Participants explore a broad range of themes including student participation in learning, interculturality, active learning methods and the use of digital tools in teaching.

The next symposium, to be held in Brest in June 2019, will address the theme of collaboration and cooperation in teaching. ENSTA Bretagne will host a pre-symposium for teaching partners on these same themes.