ENSTA Bretagne : accueil qualite nouveaux etudiants

Quality certification

For over 10 years, all ENSTA Bretagne services (project management, education, professional training, research and support services) have been certified ISO 9001. The main goal of this ambitious continual improvement program—exceptional in an engineering school—is to satisfy stakeholders, including students, industry, research beneficiaries, partners, the school’s supervisory authority and staff.

At the beginning of 2018, ENSTA Bretagne confirmed its transition to ISO 9001:2015. New parameters will be incorporated such as risk control, which defines factors that may negatively affect an organization and, ultimately, its ability to achieve its objectives. These new parameters will strengthen the school’s ability to anticipate and avoid potential roadblocks.

Quality Management Policy
> Satisfying our students, industry and research beneficiaries

The school is committed to creating an ideal environment for students to build their future career and acquire top-level engineering skills, producing work-ready graduates for jobs in industry or with the French Government defense procurement and technology agency (DGA), based in France or abroad. In terms of research beneficiaries, ENSTA Bretagne is committed to providing services that meet contractual requirements, on time and on budget.

> Satisfying our supervisory authority

ENSTA Bretagne is committed to accomplishing the tasks listed in its Performance and Objectives Contract to working towards the goals laid out and regularly reporting on progress through indicators.

> Satisfying our partners

The school is committed to respecting the requirements of its status as a public administrative establishment as well as the agreements it has signed with its partners.

> Satisfying our staff

ENSTA Bretagne is committed to recognizing the activities and added value of all players through at least one of the main processes set out in our quality management program. We commit to providing staff with an efficient working environment, promoting collaboration, and support the activities organized, a key tool in improving both cooperation and the school’s performance.


Jean-Yves Hascoët
Quality manager
Head of Sustainable Development and Social Responsability
Tél. : +33 (0)2 98 34 89 43