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ENSTA Bretagne: Our purpose

We are committed to equipping future engineers, researchers, and industry - particularly regarding the defence, maritime, transport, and digital sectors - with the skills to understand and conceptualize the ocean and the world, as well as the capacity to design innovative and responsible solutions, thus contributing to society, and to the maintenance of the strategic autonomy of France and Europe, for a brighter future for all.

Our commitments
ENSTA Bretagne : Valeurs
Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

Faced with the climate emergency, but also in a context of social difficulties and inequalities, as well as the emergence of the systematic questioning of scientific facts, ENSTA Bretagne, as an engineering school and research actor, addresses issues related to sustainable development and corporate social responsibilities in order to contribute to building a society which reconciles economic, community and environmental issues in the long term.

A campus with an international outlook

The city of Brest has had more than its fair share of great explorers and their spirit lingers on. Student life is punctuated with international exchanges. ENSTA Bretagne is renowned on all continents. Interculturality characterizes the ENSTA Bretagne campus and the paths of its graduates.

Prepared for numerous engineering challenges

ENSTA Bretagne trains for innovation and prepares its students to combine scientific excellence, managerial skills, and social and ethical responsibility. In their capacity as general or specialized engineers, the graduates are major players in the technological developments that society requires: in robotics, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, marine and space exploration, future transport, defense and security systems, renewable energies, new materials etc…

Diversity and social mix

Cultural diversity within the student groups, the variety in the study paths, the social mix of civilian and military students, men and women, the multi-disciplinarity of the training, all go towards developing an extensive array of professional profiles which interest hi-tech industries.

Personal development & career choice

Having arrived at the school through their love of science and with many talents, the students who integrate ENSTA Bretagne have numerous possibilities to develop their self-awareness within the framework of curricular and extra-curricular activities so as to build their professional career path. The specialization in one of the numerous fields of expertise available is gradual, and the exploration of the different aspects of an engineering career continues throughout their studies.

Brest: home port for 2 centuries

It is in Brest, the land of innovation in numerous strategic fields (defense, mobility, robotics, marine energies…) and the European Capital of Marine Science and Technologies, where the school has drawn upon almost two centuries of its technological and maritime expertise of international renown.