ENSTA Bretagne : Responsabilité Sociale

Social responsibility

ENSTA Bretagne advocates open-mindedness, tolerance and diversity and leads initiatives to reduce inequalities and combat all forms of discrimination.

Bullying prevention and response

As a higher education institution, ENSTA Bretagne is committed to suppressing all forms of bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. The fact that no serious matter has ever been reported at ENSTA Bretagne does not mean that cases of bullying, harassment or discrimination may not occur in the future. Since 2018, the ENSTA Bretagne administration has implemented a proactive policy that encompasses everyone: engineering students, PhD students, staff members and, more generally, anyone on the ENSTA Bretagne campus. The aim is to ban any behavior that might violate anyone’s dignity on the basis of their gender, origin, status (civilian/military), religion, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation or philosophical beliefs.


Cécile Plaud
Discrimination Advisor
Head of the Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management
ENSTA Bretagne : Responsabilité Sociale - Handicap

Disability: providing support and changing our perception

Only a few years ago, access to higher education for young people with disabilities was still nearly impossible. Legislation has evolved and has imposed a change in practices so that students and staff members can rest assured that their disability will be accommodated and their place of study or work will be adapted accordingly. At ENSTA Bretagne, Agnès Madec and Sylvie Guidal both received training to become disability advisors.

Working with the occupational physician, Agnès supports staff members with a disability by working on implementing adjustments such as adapting work stations or work schedules. Sylvie is there for students with disabilities from the start and supports them throughout their school years, making sure they get the help they need (material adjustments, special arrangements, exam adjustments, etc.).


Sylvie Guidal
Student Disability Advisor


Agnès Madec
Human Resources Manager
Staff Disability Advisor
Office: A106

Each year, a disability awareness day is organized on campus in partnership with local associations and organizations.

Students also regularly conduct projects. For example: “development of an adapted sea kayak”, “design and development of a horse riding system for quadriplegics”, etc.

Raising awareness, providing guidance, dispelling stereotypes

Arousing the interest of children for science, encouraging, raising awareness, providing guidance, dispelling stereotypes… the staff and students do their share. Numerous complementary initiatives are organized: for several years now, nearly one hundred students have been jointly supervising scientific experiments in primary schools. The children enjoy the opportunity to handle, observe and understand a phenomenon. There’s also the “Big Brothers and Sisters ENSTA Bretagne”, a group of ENSTA Bretagne students who provide free tutoring to high schoolers on a mentorship basis within the framework of the ENACTUS ENSTA Bretagne society.

Stimulating young women’s interest for engineering

The proportion of women at ENSTA Bretagne is on the rise yet there is still much room for improvement: women account for 20 to 25% of the student body, depending on the training levels and the majors selected.

The women-in-engineering awareness day “100 femmes, 100 métiers : ingénieure demain !”: Every year, at the request of UIMM, ENSTA Bretagne organizes an awareness day targeting female high school students following a scientific track, to introduce them to the wide range of engineering careers and convey the message that there is a strong demand from businesses for greater gender balance in their teams. The school is also committed to ensuring gender balance in all of its information campaigns and guidance initiatives.

ENSTA Bretagne stands for open-mindedness, tolerance and diversity and leads initiatives to reduce inequalities and combat all forms of discrimination.


ENSTA Bretagne : Femmes et Ingénierie

Stimuler l’intérêt des jeunes femmes pour l’ingénierie

La représentation féminine à l’ENSTA Bretagne évolue et doit encore s’améliorer : elles sont 20 à 25% selon les cycles de formation et les voies de spécialisation choisies.

« 100 femmes, 100 métiers : ingénieure demain ! » : ENSTA Bretagne organise tous les ans, à l’initiative de l’UIMM, une journée d’information auprès des lycéennes de 1ère S, sur la diversité des métiers d’ingénieur(e)s et la demande forte des entreprises pour une plus grande mixité dans les équipes. L’école s’impose également un objectif de parité dans toutes les actions d’information et d’orientation de l’école.

ENSTA Bretagne défend des valeurs d’ouverture, de tolérance, de diversité et mène des actions concrètes pour réduire les inégalités et lutter contre toute forme de discrimination.