ENSTA Bretagne : Hydrography Guerledan Project
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Training top-level engineers and conducting multidisciplinary research

ENSTA Bretagne is a prestigious French engineering school with an established reputation in the maritime, defense and high-tech sectors. Our excellence is recognized in many fields including all aspects of the naval industry as well as defense equipment and technology, and including the aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, energy, digital and information technology and research sectors.

Graduates of our general engineering and major programs are equipped with the skills they need to successfully design and build complex industrial systems against an international backdrop, as well as to carry out research, manage technological programs, or start their own business. 

ENSTA Bretagne is a public organization. Along with the other establishments under the auspices of the French Government defense procurement and technology agency (Ecole Polytechnique, ISAE-SUPAERO and ENSTA ParisTech), we nurture a culture of scientific rigor and excellence which ensures our strong reputation both in France and abroad.

We focus our expertise in a wide variety of fields to meet the technological challenges set by innovative firms. ENSTA Bretagne also trains weapon system design engineers, who make up about 18% of the student body.

The school has set out its main strategic aims in the « Contrat d’Objectifs de Performance » in terms of training, research, and international awareness; a contract which binds it to its governing body, the Ministry of Armed Forces.

Our aims for 2021

The success of its training is undeniable. The outline agreement plans to continue to develop training in the fields of excellence of the school, by consolidating its success factors and creating new partnerships in France and abroad. 


The rapid development of the research programs and the ever-increasing recognition they receive for their excellence are regularly highlighted by the governing body and the industrial partners. The 5 year objective is to maintain the fast pace of progress of the Research Institute in close cooperation with companies, to increase the number of researchers and PhD students and encourage the involvement of new entrepreneurs.


This is a major focus area between now and 2021. The opening of courses in English, the signature of new partnerships with universities and foreign organizations on shared themes, the reception of more international students are all key elements in the international renown of the training and research of ENSTA Bretagne.


ENSTA Bretagne aims to continue to self-finance its growth as much as possible. The development of its own resources can be in multiple forms: research contracts, service provision by the test center, licenses, patents, paid training by experts…

Strategic Partnerships

With IMT Atlantique, and its Brest, Rennes and Nantes campuses, ENSTA Bretagne has created a pole of engineering excellence in Western France. The undertaking is to work together, in practical terms, on training, research, entrepreneurship and international recognition.