ENSTA Bretagne : Organisation

Our organization: Governance

ENSTA Bretagne is an Etablissement Public à caractère Administratif (EPA) or Public Administrative Institution of financial and administrative autonomy.

Under the supervision of the French Ministry of Armed Forces and, in particular, the Direction Générale de l’Armement (Defense Procurement and Technology Agency), (as are 3 other graduate schools: the Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA ParisTech and ISAE-SUPAERO), its organization and operation are governed by the French Defense Code (Decree n°2012-1120 of 2 october 2012, Article R3411-61).

ENSTA Bretagne is linked to its governing ministry by a "Contrat d’Objectifs et de Performance" (a five-year Performance and Objectives Contract)  which sets out the strategic objectives for the school for the period 2012 – 2026, as well as the means required to succeed in this quest.

3 school governing body meetings are held every quarter with the school’s executive team  to check that all is running smoothly and that the school has obtained its objectives: the Council , the Training Board, and the Research Board..

In addition, there are status meetings with professionals from industry by sector or speciality in order to consult, prospect and keep up to speed with their requirements in terms of skills and R&D. This is just one example of how the school continuously satisfies stakeholder requirements in accordance with its quality policy certified ISO 9001 (2015 version).

ENSTA Bretagne : Orgaisation

The Council 

ENSTA Bretagne is governed by the Council composed of 25 members:

  • 9 State representatives
  • 8 external members, representing higher education and civilian society, 4 of whom have been designated due to their qualities and skills in professional sectors which correspond to those of the school
  • 8 staff and student representatives

Mr Jean-Georges Malcor, former company director, was named President of the Council of ENSTA Bretagne, by decree of the President of the French Republic on 2 July 2020, and succeeds Ronan Stéphan, Scientific Director of Plastic Omnium,.

The President of the school, the financial controller and the accounts officer attend the Council sessions in an advisory capacity. 

The Council
9 State representatives
  • The Director of Human Resources of the Direction Générale de l’Armement (the French Defense Procurement and Technology Agency) or his/her representative: Benoit Laurensou, Director of the DRH, DGA
  • The Director of Central Administration of the Direction Générale de l’Armement (the French Defense Procurement and Technology Agency) or his/her representative: Erwan Conan, Head of Technical Services  of the Technical Directorate of the DGA
  • The Director for Financial Affairs of the French Ministry of Armed Forces, or his/her representative: Franck Sada, Head of the State Operator Supervision Office of the DAF, representing the DAF (Department for Financial Affairs)
  • An armaments inspector: Christian Dugué
  • A Chief of Military Staff respresentative: Benoît Baudonnière, Commander of the École Navale
  • A French Minister for Industry representative: Christophe Lerouge, President of IMT Atlantique Bretagne-Pays de la Loire 
  • A French Minister for Higher Education representative: Arnaud Devillez, Advisor to the Superintendent for Higher Education of the Academy of Rennes
  • A French Minister for Sustainable Development representative: Chantal Reland, Senior State Administrative Attaché, Deputy Assistant Director of the Gens de la Mer et de l’Enseignement Maritime (Seafarers and Maritime Education) for the French Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition  
  • A Minister for the Budget representative: Thierry Pellé, Head of the Department for Budgetary Control of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.
8 external members
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE) (or the National Higher French Institute of Aeronautics and Space) or his/her representative: Olivier Lesbre, President of the ISAE  
  • The President of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (Superior National School of Advanced Techniques) or his/her representative: Élisabeth Crépon, President of ENSTA Paris
  • Four qualified individuals :
    • Jean-Georges Malcor, former company director
    • Myriam Chevreuil, Talent Acquisition Manager, Thales
    • Vincent Martinot-Lagarde, Director of Services, Naval Group
    • Clémentine Gallet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Coriolis Composites
  • President of the Conseil Régional de Bretagne (Regional Council of Brittany) or his/her representative: Olivier DAVID, Vice-president for Student Life, Higher Education and Research, Conseil Régional de Bretagne representative of the President of the Conseil Régional de Bretagne
  • The President of the Alumni Association of the school or his/her representative: Frédéric Guéna, Director of Brest Sofresid, representing the President of the Alumni Association
8 Staff Representatives
  • Four teacher-researcher members of staff :
    • Jalil Boukhobza, Associate Professor
    • Bruno Levieil, Associate Professor
    • Cédric Doudard, Associate Professor
    • Vivien Majorel, Teacher
  • One member of the technical and administrative staff of the school: Laurence Gautier, Student Studies Counselor
  • Three students, imperatively including one IETA (military student), and one civilian, designated, after consultation, by the General Director of the School from one of the categories concerned
    • Alexandre B., (IETA) Military student engineer
    • Titouan Maréchal, Civilian student
    • Aurélie Panetier, PhD student
Training board
3 Representatives from the DGA
  • Philippe Boureux, Head of the Supervision of Schools and International Training , DGA – under the Human Resources Policy
  • Hervé Berthelémy, DGA 
  • Caroline Bérard, Director of Engineer Training, ISAE-SUPAERO
5 Persons with External and Industrial Profiles
  • Gilles Le Pluart, Project Technical Director, Thales TDMS
  • Laure Le Baron, Director of Human Resources, SHOM
  • Philippe Picouet, Director of Training, IMT Atlantique
  • Doriane Causeur, Naval Engineer, Bureau Veritas Solutions
  • Thomas Loiseleux, Deputy Director of Training and Research, ENSTA Paris
Staff Representatives
  • Jean-Christop Cexus, Associate Professor
  • Jean-Louis Quenec'h, Head of 2nd Year Mechanics
  • Jeanne Toulouse, Associate Professor
4 Student Representatives & 1 PhD Student Representative
  • Valentin Pouce – FIPA (co-operative engineering student) (incumbent)
  • Alana Colombel - FIPA (co-operative engineering student) (deputy)
  • Thomas Leroy  – Civilian FISE (incumbent)
  • Titouan Bélier -  Civilian FISE (deputy)
  • Ludovic M. - Military FISE 
  • Irène Mopin - PhD Student
School Administration Representatives
  • Bruno Gruselle, President of ENSTA Bretagne
  • Rémy Thibaud, Dean of Faculty
  • Christiane Gillet, Head of the FIPA Cycle
  • Christophe Osswald, Associate Professor, Head of FISE Cycle
  • and guests
Research board
External members
  • Vincent GEIGER, Director for Naval Research, Naval Group
  • Philippe BOUREUX, Supervision Office, DGA/DRH
  • Marc SIRVEN, Head of the "Capteurs, Guidage, Navigation"  (Sensors, Guidance, Navigation) Department, DGA/DT
  • Hugues CHOPLIN, Associate Professor, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC)
  • Vincent VERBEQUE, « Research & Technology Software » Director, Thales DMS
  • René BILLARDON, Mechanics Expert, SAFRAN Landing Systems, and Professor at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6 (UPMC)
  • Pascal LARZABAL,  Associate Professor, Université Paris-Saclay
  • David FORICHER, Deputy Head of Division, France’s Defense Innovation Agency (AID) 
Staff representatives
  • Bruno GRUSELLE, President
  • Yann DOUTRELEAU, Dean of research
  • Sylvain CALLOCH, Associate Professor, Head of Research of the Mechanical Sciences Department / IRDL Laboratory
  • Angélique DREMEAU, Associate Professor, ICST Department, and ENSTA Bretagne correspondent for the Lab-STICC Laboratory
  • Ciprian TEODOROV, Associate Professor, ICST Department, and ENSTA Bretagne Correspondent for the SHARP Team in the LAB-STICC Laboratory
  • Ali KHENCHAF, Associate Professor, ICST Department, and ENSTA Bretagne correspondent for the SyPH Team of the LAB-STICC Laboratory
  • Pierre BOSSER, Associate Professor, ICST Department, and ENSTA Bretagne correspondent for the IA & Océan Team of the LAB-STICC Laboratory
  • David THEVENET, Associate Professor, Mechanical Sciences Department, and ENSTA Bretagne correspondent for the "Assemblages multi-matériaux" (Multimaterial Assemblies) Section of the IRDL Laboratory
  • Nicolas JACQUES, Associate Professor, Mechanical Sciences Department and ENSTA Bretagne correspondent for the "Structures, fluides et interactions" (Structures, Fluids and Interactions » Section of the IRDL Laboratory
  • Catherine ADAM, Associate Professor, Social and Human Sciences Department / FoAP Laboratory
  • Jean-Christophe CEXUS, Associate Professor, ICST Department, / LAB-STICC Laboratory
  • Younes DEMMOUCHE, Associate Professor, Mechanical Sciences Department / IRDL Laboratory,
  • Linda GARDELLE, Associate Professor, Head of the Social and Human Sciences (SHS) Department and the FPI (Training and Professional Learning) Research Team / FAP (Profession Training and Apprenticeships) Laboratory
  • Ewann GAUTIER, PhD Student, Mechanical Science Department / IRDL Laboratory
  • Irène MOPIN, PhD Student, ICST Department / LAB-STICC Laboratory