ENSTA Bretagne : participation du club ENSTAéro Bretagne au Rallye Etudiant Aérien

ENSTAéro Bretagne

For all those of you who love flying, parachuting or even drones, if you want to have a try or go on an outing, ENSTAéro Bretagne can organize it. The club also has reduced rates if you want to learn to fly or parachute. Every year, the association also takes part in the Rallye Étudiant Aérien (student air show) and the NAE (Normandie AeroEspace) Challenge.


If the association were…

  • A film: it would be Top Gun
  • An animal: a golden eagle
  • A famous person: Amelia Earhart
  • A song: Envole-toi !
in the club’s 4 divisions : NAE Challenge, Rallye Aérien Etudiant, Pilot’s License, Visits and Conferences.
ENSTA Bretagne : Photo devant un rafale du club ENSTAéro Bretagne lors de la visite base aéronavale

The club’s strengths

  • Links with Brest Aéroclub (Flying Club)
  • Links with major groups (especially ALTEN)

Events/memorable moments of the year

  • Conferences with ALTEN
  • Numerous outings (air shows, air bases, etc…)
  • Participation in the Rallye Étudiant Aérien air show
  • Participation in the NAE Challenge

Partners (sponsors)

  • ALUMNIS ENSTA Bretagne


ENSTaéro Bretagne
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