ENSTA Bretagne : Club étudiant informatique quantique QClub

Understand quantum computing with the Qclub

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Mini-lessons, projects, visits…the Qclub is the new ENSTA Bretagne student club dedicated to quantum computing. It is for computer experts and beginners alike.

Born out of a passion for quantum computing on the part of a lecturer and a group of students, the Qclub aims to bring together students who wish to enrich their knowledge in this cutting edge technology whatever their level, their specialization and their previous studies. 

Several mini-lessons have already been created. They cover quantum physics and quantum computing. The club plans to organize visits to companies and laboratories which specialize in this field. Little by little, the students trained will be able to code simple, intermediate, then finally advanced algorithms to solve operational research problems such as seeking a path through a maze.

Evan is one of the group of ENSTA Bretagne student engineer founding members of this club. He answers our questions.

How did the Qclub come about?

As part of our systems project, we had to choose from several subjects on offer and one of them was acquiring knowledge on quantum computing and safeguarding this knowledge through a club. I chose that because I saw a way to discover a field which had intrigued me for several years. 

What is it about quantum computing that inspires you?

Everything! But mainly that certain physical phenomena are totally counter-intuitive and yet they seem to completely correspond to reality.

What is on the cards for this club over the next few years ?

We hope that the club can continue to exist and pass on knowledge. We also hope that its development gives ENSTA Bretagne some ideas about possible future lessons to remain at the top in terms of innovation in the field of computer technology.