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The school’s strategy and objectives for 2022-2026

ENSTA Bretagne
ENSTA Bretagne is unveiling its strategy for 2022-2026 in the five-yearly Performance and Objectives Contract (COP) signed by the Ministry for the Armed Forces, President of the School’s Board of Governors Jean-Georges Malcor and the School’s Director Bruno Gruselle. This outlines ENSTA Bretagne’s scientific, technological, academic and partnership-related ambitions.

By harnessing engineering for the benefit of industry, students, local authorities and the State, ENSTA Bretagne is preparing for the future with solutions to address the many challenges of the decades to come.

ENSTA Bretagne embodies cutting-edge civil and defense technologies.
The COP 2022-2026 (Performance and Objectives Contract) between the public school and the State presents its strategy for the next five years.
Grounded in the values championed by the School, the challenges it faces and society’s needs and expectations, ENSTA Bretagne’s strategy is underpinned by five main guidelines:

  • Delivering world-class, original teaching and research 
  • Contributing to France’s and Europe’s strategic autonomy
  • Enhancing the quality of the student experience
  • Relying on new and strengthened alliances
  • Committing to sustainable practices and assuming our social responsibility

Bruno Gruselle, Director of ENSTA Bretagne, says:

Our choices are quality-driven and ambitious for our students, including military engineers destined to serve the Ministry for the Armed Forces, our staff and our partners. The quality of the student experience encompasses a number of objectives such as the design of new spaces for teaching and learning, well-being within ENSTA Bretagne, combating all forms of violence and discrimination, renovation of the student residence and innovation in teaching and learning practices. It goes hand-in-hand with a policy firmly geared towards sustainability and social responsibility. ENSTA Bretagne is set to lead an array of initiatives in this respect, aimed at enhancing particularly social and gender diversity, right across its course range. The COP is the cornerstone of our developments and investments. It marks the State’s renewed support for pushing ahead with our strategy.

Jean-Georges Malcor, President of ENSTA Bretagne, says: 

A bright future is taking shape on the ENSTA Bretagne campus. I would like to thank the Ministry for the Armed Forces for its keen interest in the School’s countless strategic projects. One of its key ambitions is to forge strong alliances with a view to strengthening not only opportunities for future students but also ENSTA Bretagne’s role in building France’s and Europe’s strategic autonomy.

Download the Performance and Objectives Contract (French version)