ENSTA Bretagne : start-up Ox-Eye en conception navale

Ox Eye, seeing yachts in a different light

Many naval architects are fans of offshore racing and sailing, and Thibault and Corentin are no exception. The two sailors met in Lorient while studying on a two-year higher education program (BTS) in Shipbuilding. That was when they first had the idea of setting up a naval architecture firm together, with a view to building ecological, high-performance yachts.
ENSTA Bretagne : Class 40 par Ox-Eye

Thibault went on to graduate from ENSTA Bretagne as a co-operative engineer and Corentin from Nantes National School of Architecture (ENSA Nantes), with a DPEA Naval Architecture degree. It was at this point that they honed their initial idea of creating Ox Eye and, in January 2021, the company was officially established.

Three projects have been set in motion one after the other, including a Class 40 racing yacht. What these projects all have in common is the use of such bio-based materials as natural flax fibers. But Thibault and Corentin are pushing their thought process even further: 

How can fewer materials be used during the building process? Is it possible to avoid using a mold for very limited series? How can the same navigational performances be guaranteed despite the use of heavier materials?

The pair are looking to nature as well as time-honored manufacturing techniques for inspiration, combining these with new technologies like artificial intelligence and technological optimization. Each yacht designed by the Ox Eye team is grounded in innovation.Thibault and Corentin are now aiming to convince shipyards or individuals to turn their designs and models into sleek, stylish and powerful yachts with a low carbon footprint.

OX-EYE is incubated at ENSTARTUPS, ENSTA Bretagne’s incubator.

ENSTA Bretagne : incubateur ENSTARTUP - Projet Ox Eye

Le duo s’inspire de la nature ainsi que des fabrications ancestrales et y associent des technologies nouvelles telles que l’intelligence artificielle ou l’optimisation technologique. L’innovation est au cœur de chaque navire imaginé par l’équipe Ox Eye. L’objectif de Thibault et Corentin est désormais de convaincre des chantiers navals ou des particuliers de transformer leurs dessins et modèles en navires design, puissants et à faible empreinte carbone.

OX-EYE est incubé au sein d'ENSTARTUPS, l'incubateur de l'ENSTA Bretagne.