ENSTA Bretagne : rentrée des étudiants internationaux

The Cellule AcOr team

Cellule AcOr is affiliated with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and is staffed by three counselors, Ms Gautier, Ms Guidal and Mr Cervetto.
Their main objectives are to welcome, counsel and orient students throughout their training.

Learn more about our 3 objectives: 

From the time you’re accepted into ENSTA Bretagne, our team is there to inform and guide you.
Throughout your academic career, whether you are on campus or on exchange at a partner establishment, we are available to help you build your academic career and projects.
In partnership with other school staff, we help you define your career path and explore the numerous options available to you.
ENSTA Bretagne : accueil qualite nouveaux etudiants

Where to find us

  • Sylvie GUIDAL - Office F107B
  • Laurence GAUTIER - Office F107
  • Olivier CERVETTO - Office C029



Sylvie Guidal
Welcome, Counseling, Orientation
Student Counselor
Contact Person for Disabled Students
Office: F107B
+33 (02) 98 34 88 63


Laurence Gautier
Welcome, Counseling, Orientation
Student Counselor
Office: F107