ENSTA Bretagne : entrée du restaurant sur le campus ENSTA Bretagne

As soon as you have received your visa approval

Notify ENSTA Bretagne

  1. The International Development and Partnerships Department in charge of your recruitment contact-ri@ensta-bretagne.fr
  2. Cellule AcOr (which stands for Welcome, Counseling, Orientation) supports you throughout your academic career acor@ensta-bretagne.fr

If you have already booked your accommodation:

Also notify the person in charge of your accommodation.

If you will be living in ENSTA Bretagne’s student residence, you can email the following address to let them know:  rde@ensta-bretagne.fr

If you will be living off-campus, notify your future landlord

Pay your tuition fees by the end of August (online)

For any other payment method, please contact Mr Laurent Gogé  laurent.goge@ensta-bretagne.fr

You can view the amount of tuition fees to be paid by selecting your training program: https://www.ensta-bretagne.fr/fr/rentree-2021

To see what IT equipment you will need, read the following information:


Gather together all the documents you will need for your stay

Important recommendations: Make a photocopy of all your documents. Send yourself an email with all of the documents attached so that you can access them at any time (in case you lose them or they are stolen, etc.

What you will need for your journey:

  • Travel tickets
  • Passport
  • Payment methods (cash or payment card which can be used to withdraw money outside your country of origin)
  • Health and vaccination booklet if you have one
  • Negative PCR test
  • Letter of acceptance at ENSTA Bretagne

What you will need for your registration:

  • Birth certificate (translated into French)
  • Previous qualifications
  • If you have a bursary or scholarship, the award agreements
  • If you have completed an English test (Toeic taken within the last 2 years), bring the original certificate

What you will need for your accommodation:

  • Your accommodation booking
  • The necessary documents for moving in to your housing (guarantor, etc.)

Other documents to remember:

  • International driver’s license if you have one
  • Your contacts (contact details in France)