ENSTA Bretagne : Sacha, Curtis Tornade photographie
© Curtis Tornade

Sacha uses photography to fight hunger

Student Life
Sacha, an engineering student in the 2nd year at ENSTA Bretagne is keenly interested in photography. Trained by his father, he has been taking a large number of pictures of the world around him for nearly 10 years. During his travels, Sacha was confronted with child starvation. He saw the disastrous effects of malnutrition and decided to take action by creating the Curtis Tornado project: the sale of limited-edition photos for benefit of the World Food Programme.

How did the idea for the "Curtis Tornado" humanitarian project come about?

The Curtis Tornado idea came about from the desire to combine my two keen interests, photography and music, with a humanitarian project.
I had the opportunity to travel to countries badly hit by famine which raised my awareness of families and children who didn't have enough money to eat properly and this motivated me to want to share meals with them.
The idea emerged from this desire to use my work as a photographer as a showcase for the World Food Programme (WFP) and become involved in this fight which I'm very attached to.

What does this project involve?

Its principle is very straightforward. I sell my art prints limited to 20 copies and all profits from these sales go directly to WFP via the ShareTheMeal application.
These funds are used to help families and especially children who are suffering from famine around the world. The purchase of an art print will feed a child for about 2 weeks.

ENSTA Bretagne : photographie Sacha, surfeur Crozon
© Curtis Tornade

Blog 23 : Photo of a surfer taken on a beach in Crozon with the attractive golden lights of the evening diffused by the sunset.

ENSTA Bretagne : photographie Sacha C, Petit Minou
© Curtis Tornade

Blog 25 : Le Petit-Minou lighthouse seen from the sky: surfing spot where the Petit-Minou lighthouse is located. This superb view from the sky transports us to Brittany.

What types of photos and formats are available?

I offer a single 4:5 format (24x30cm or 30x24cm) format for sale. Why? Because it's an ideal trade-off between portability (easy to carry in a pocket or bag) and viewability (not too small to be displayed).
The prints sold are printed by an independent craftsman. I pay particular attention to the quality of the printing and paper, and I sign and provide a certificate of authenticity for each print.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I mainly draw my inspiration from short trips to Brittany or South West France. I try to develop my own style, which also involves a lot of post-production work.
In the future, I would like to go on a road-trip to do several series of photos. But I am also inspired by top photographers such as Jonathan Bertin, James Popsys, Northborders and many others.

What are your future photography projects?

I have a number of upcoming projects! While I can't reveal everything at the moment, I do have a photography project for a YouTube channel. I'm also going to launch a small line of clothing in the near future still with the goal of raising funds for the WFP.

For more information curtistornade.com