ENSTA Bretagne : incubateur de start-up ENSTARTUPS
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A new year of ENSTArtups, ENSTA Bretagne’s incubator

ENSTA Bretagne
The ENSTArtups incubator on campus at ENSTA Bretagne has new premises to be able to accommodate and support the 9 companies underway and the numerous student project concepts.

ENSTARTUPS uniqueness lies in the sheer diversity of the projects supported and the profiles of their creators: some have a design background, others engineering or marketing. This combination of extremely complementary skills brings great depth to discussions, and thanks to regular and quality monitoring, the start-ups are making great progress. 

Antonin Raffarin, head of the incubator

Instilling the entrepreneurial spirit into students and PhD students

To instill an entrepreneurial spirit into student engineers at ENSTA Bretagne and give them the key to be able to transform their ideas into companies, there are several dates on offer to students throughout their studies.

  • 17 September : student engineers in their 1st year of engineer training (the equivalent to 3 years post High School Certificate) will be able to take advantage of entrepreneurship awareness training. This workshop will be jointly run by the Technopôle Brest Iroise ie technology cluster and the incubator start-ups
  • From 27 November to 29 January : more in-depth entrepreneurship training is given to students and volunteer PhD students through the “Engineering and Business Sciences” course. This runs alongside the “Entrepreneurials” initiative, on offer to all students in addition to their training.
  • From 3 to 5 February : A « Company Creation » seminar organized in partnership with the Corner is on offer to 2nd year student engineers who put in an application. 

Helping startuppers to stay the course

The young startuppers have dedicated offices, a co-working space and prototyping material at their disposition. Every quarter, there is a progress update during the incubator council committee meeting which brings together members of ENSTA Bretagne’s management as well as incubator partners: the Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, The Corner, Arkéa, IMT Atlantique and the Technopôle Brest Iroise ie technology cluster.

Start-up news
Fil&Fab: added value to fishing nets

The 3 designers on this project have got together to give a new lease of life to 800 tonnes of waste fishing nets each year on the French coast. 

News update: The start-up recently received its first pellets entirely made of recycled fishing nets. The former will be used by Fil&fab clients who will validate their properties and produce the first prototypes. These results will guide the purchase and future internalization of the machinery.

Umoja: shoes combining fashion and traditional handicraft

Dieuveil and Lancine have joined in this adventure to add value to ancestral African crafts and to enable these artisans, whose methods respect the environment, to attain economic independence

News update: The start-up is taking part in the Who’s Next fair from 6 to 9 September in Paris, at the Porte de Versaille.

Niroji: upmarket jewelry boxes

Mickaël has come up with boxes to contain precious items, for the general public and professionals.

News update: the start-up proposes a new product for large volume jewelry creations.

Gwilen: adding value to sediment

Invented by Yann, an architect and engineer, this start-up proposes new low-environmental impact construction material made from marine sediments.

News update: Gwilen ceramics will be presented during the Habitare Collection fair in Helsinki from 11 to 15 September, then at Design Week in Berlin from 10 to 17 October.

Ianira: an autonomous robot which helps divers

This start-up, created by two ex navy clearance diver engineers and the head of an acoustics engineering company, aims to create an intelligent and autonomous robot which will accompany divers to ensure their safety and improve their productivity.  

News update: Definition of the chronometric markers of the final prototypes is underway. New trials should start in the Fall and prototypes should be unveiled in the year 2020.

Splashelec: an automatic electronic foil piloting system

Bernt and Cédric have joined forces on this project to make sailing available to everyone. This project is especially for people with a disability who can sail autonomously thanks to this system.

News update: A module is being developed to slave the foils.

Trash surfboards: windsurfing boards from recycled cardboard

François is an architect, a designer and an artist. In addition to going back to study at ENSTA Bretagne and ENSA Paris La Villette (a specialized Advanced Master in the Ship Design specialism), he has imagined and created unique windsurfing boards based on scrap cardboard.

News update: In June 2019, during Fashion Week in Milan, Trash Surfboards gained an excellent reputation. For the new academic year, he has prepared his provisional budget which will enable him to start seeking financial backing.

Orphie: underwater imaging

Two engineers specializing in optics propose a system enabling images from underwater robots to be processed automatically, to greatly enhance their clarity.

News update: the start-up should start to look for financial backing at the end of 2019.

Seastem-x: the « ta-da » for fish

Mathieu has imagined a solution to identify different underwater species thanks to Deep Learning recognition algorithms.

News update: the start-up has changed name and its manager has brought in an SME in which he is continuing to develop Seastem-X.

And also Inobo

INOBO (modular kitesurfing boards), the start-up left the incubator in 2018. After validation from the kitesurfing board market, INOBO has started on another sliding sport: wakeboarding. The prototype and marketing should be ready for the end of 2019.