ENSTA Bretagne : erasmus days 2019

Erasmus Day "Green afternoon"

Student Life
On Thursday 10 October, from 1.30 to 4.30 pm, graduates and students from ENSTA Bretagne got together to discuss the place and role of eco-responsible engineers. This day was organized within the framework of the Erasmus Days with the help of the European research project A-STEP 2030.

This first edition of Erasmus Days on ENSTA Bretagne’s campus, explored the societal responsibility of engineers: how to take into account sustainable development in your career. How to reconcile ecology and economy in the products and services created. How to reduce short, medium and long term environmental impact.

A collaborative project

This event was organized by the Social and Human Sciences department within the framework of the European project A-Step 2030., with the help of the DIP (Direction International et Partenariats), ENSTA Bretagne’s Alumni association and the student associations BEST ENSTA Bretagne and Enactus ENSTA Bretagne.

ENSTA Bretagne : Eramus days "green afternoon" sur les ingénieurs éco-responsables
© Julien Ogor

Eco-responsible engineers

Several professionals were there to share their vision of an eco-responsible engineer with the students and how they dealt with this in their everyday lives. 

Major groups such as Thales and Naval Group rubbed shoulders with new start-ups (Ino-Rope and Inobo Kiteboarding).

They all expressed a desire to better reconcile economic, social and environmental demands and spoke about their setbacks.

Secondly, the professionals proposed case studies for the students to work on. For example, to imagine how you could upcycle an old kitesurf board.

To conclude the afternoon, a zero waste tea was proposed based on local (low carbon footprint) products.


Klara Kovesi
Research professor
FAP Laboratory
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Johanna OGON
Erasmus+ Coordinator
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