ENSTA Bretagne : opération de sensibilisation des lycéennes aux métiers d'ingénieures

ENSTA Bretagne, committed to gender diversity in engineering

ENSTA Bretagne
Convinced of the importance of gender diversity in scientific and technical professions, ENSTA Bretagne has been involved for many years in actions aimed at promoting engineering professions among young women. At the beginning of 2021, ENSTA Bretagne, a partner of the "Elles bougent" association, is further strengthening its commitment.
ENSTA Bretagne : 100 femmes 100 métiers

Fostering vocations among young women

In scientific subjects in high school, young women account for nearly 50% of pupils. However, in engineering schools, gender parity has not yet been achieved. At ENSTA Bretagne, female students represent about 30% of the engineering students. Nationally, these percentages are increasing, but slowly. However, professions are varied, exciting and open to everyone.

As far as industrial companies are concerned, the situation is the same: there are still too few applications from women engineers, even though gender diversity in teams is actively sought.

    Based on this observation, ENSTA Brittany is involved through several schemes:

    • The "100 women, 100 professions: become an engineer" event, led by UIMM 29, aims to present engineering and high-tech professions in industrial companies to high school girls attending schools in the Finistère department (9th edition in 2021).
    • The "L Codent L Créent" project aims to ensure greater feminisation of digital professions, by targeting middle schools (3rd edition in 2021).
    • The partnership with the Elles Bougent association, which contributes to gender diversity in engineering through various actions at regional and national levels.
    ENSTA Bretagne : Présentation du club HydroContest devant des lycéennes

    The "Elles Bougent" association & ENSTA Bretagne

    The partnership agreement between "Elles bougent" and ENSTA Bretagne formalizes and renews a long-standing relationship between the two entities.

    Many students and graduates are already involved in the association: they talk to high school girls about their profession or organise visits to their companies.

    "Elles bougent" is also a partner of the "100 women, 100 professions: become an engineer" event. Each year, several of its members participate in this scheme.

    The signing of the partnership marks ENSTA Bretagne's committed support for this national network of professionals who have been working for several years to promote gender diversity in industrial and technological companies.