ENSTA Bretagne : 100 femmes 100 métiers

100 Women, 100 Careers: Engineers of Tomorrow!

ENSTA Bretagne
For almost 10 years, ENSTA Bretagne has been a partner in the "100 Women, 100 Careers: Engineers of Tomorrow" event led by Finistère’s Union of Metallurgy Industries and Professions (UIMM29). Every year, the school invites around 100 female science-stream students in their second-to-last year of high school to learn more about engineering schools, careers and experiences, with the aim of awakening vocations.


  • Organizers' opening speech
  • Short presentation on engineering careers and education
  • Round table meeting with working engineers and engineering students
  • Tour of the school and presentation of student projects
  • Discussions and refreshments


There is often a lack of awareness surrounding the career of engineer and although there are numerous job opportunities for male and female engineers, women are still under-represented. (figure from CDEFI)

To highlight the possibilities afforded by a career in engineering, ENSTA Bretagne organized an afternoon of meetings and discussions composed of 4 key events:

  • Reception, then presentation of careers in engineering and training at ENSTA Bretagne
  • Round Table including graduates, student engineers and a recruiter.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the 6 participants rapidly presented their career paths, then answered the numerous questions that the high school girls had written on post-its: school grades, salary, the difficulty of preparatory classes…

  • Guided tour of the school and presentation of the student clubs : ENACTUS ENSTA Bretagne (the association of social entrepreneurship), Hydrocontest (the association which participates in international naval architecture competitions concerning ship energy efficiency), ENSTAero Bretagne (the association which organizes numerous projects, visits and competitions related to aeronautics)
  • Discussions and refreshments

ENSTA Bretagne would like to thank UIMM 29 which was behind this event, as well as all the participants: the graduates, recruiters, male and female students for sharing their views on engineering, their career paths, and their interests, with enthusiasm.

ENSTA Bretagne : présentation du club ENACTUS ENSTA Bretagne

Presentation of the ENACTUS ENSTA Bretagne club (solidarity and social entrepreneurship) and their ENSTaqua project)

ENSTA Bretagne : présentation du club ENSTAero

Presentation of the ENSTAero club in the multi-media library

ENSTA Bretagne : Présentation du club HydroContest devant des lycéennes

Presentation of the HydroContest student club

ENSTA Bretagne : "événement 100 femmes 100 métiers : ingénieure demain" pour démystifier le métier d'ingénieure et susciter des vocations

Round table including graduates, students and a recruiter