ENSTA Bretagne : Start-up ARKANE hébergée dans l'incubateur ENSTARTUPS

The ARKANE start-up, a meteoric rise

Created in February 2020 by Sarra Abderrabba and Norbert Dubroca, Arkane is a promising start-up. After just a few months of existence in a difficult economic climate, the young company has already managed to convince financiers from different fields of activity of the interest in their concept.

Norbert and Sarra, both engineers and doctors in the fields of electronics and telecommunications, met during work experience in a research laboratory.

In 2018, they drafted their first ideas on the creation of a company which would propose products integrating a layer of artificial intelligence in radar signal processing.
The fields of application are vast and the requirements are numerous.

Expected products

"The discussions which we have had with industry representatives are very promising. There is a real strategic advantage for them which they immediately spotted.

We respond to issues encountered in sectors such as Defense, telecommunications – 5G especially, and space.

In our field, those involved are more generally specialized in the systems rather than the components. Our experience has enabled us to work on both these complementary elements which represents one of our strengths.

Our reflection and organization are based on agile methods to satisfy our customers’ requirements better via tailor-made products.
Together with a partner, we are currently developing an intelligent Telecom cell demonstrator which will have its first trial at the beginning of 2021. Ideally, its first deployment could be in Brest during a major event. That would enable us to prove that the solution is sound."

Award-winner of a CNES call for projects  

In June 2020, Arkane was selected for the R&D challenge « Launcher of the Future » proposed by the CNES. The jury was convinced of the interest in the solution proposed by the start-up (rocket monitoring by setting up a wireless sensor network with intelligent communication protocols), unknown to them just a few weeks before. The project was one of 10 award winners out of the 84 put forward. They were awarded a budget of €50 000 to develop a demonstrator over one year.

"This is a great opportunity for us to make our products known and convince major organizations and industries of the quality of our solutions. For us, this is the first step towards integrating larger research and technology projects".

Incubated by ENSTARTUPS

Based on ENSTA Bretagne’s campus, within the incubator, Sarra and Norbert share an office.

"We really like it here".

Both enjoy the working environment: access to computers, regular advice from the teams, proposals and mentoring of projects for groups of engineering students…