ENSTA Bretagne : rentrée des étudiants internationaux

As soon as you receive your letter of acceptance at ENSTA Bretagne

As soon as you receive your letter of acceptance at ENSTA Bretagne, we recommend that you:  

Get in touch with ENSTA BRETAGNE’s Students’ Union (BDE)

The Students’ Union welcomes new students and helps you to settle in. Through social encounters and activities, you’ll get to know other students and adjust more quickly to life on campus. Feel free to ask them questions about student life here.

Some members of the Students’ Union will be back on campus from August 14, 2021


You can contact them by emailing bde@ensta-bretagne.org

or calling +33 (0)6 51 50 94 69

Looking for somewhere to live

We recommend that you choose accommodation that is located near the school or public transport services
Map of Brest with the school

Map of Brest with the school

If you would like to live on the ENSTA Bretagne campus

If you would like to live off-campus

You have a range of options available:

  • In private housing: homeowners may let out a private room in their own property. Some owners may also let out an entire property. House- or flat-sharing is also possible.
  • Private student residences also exist.
  • Lodging with an elderly person (carefully read the terms of access and eligibility criteria)
  • Real estate agencies

You can have a look at the following websites

Documents you will need for booking accommodation

  • An ID document or passport
  • Your residence permit (long-stay visa or residence document) if you came to France with a visa,
  • Your student card or school attendance certificate for the current year,
  • A letter from your guarantor* and their ID document.

A guarantor is someone who stands as surety for you. This means that if you are unable to pay your rent, the landlord will ask the guarantor to pay for you. The guarantor must be a French citizen.
If you do not know of anyone who could be your guarantor, there is a scheme in place: VISALE
On VISALE, you can plan ahead and begin your process, without needing an address, before you arrive in France.