ENSTA Bretagne : tutelle ministere des armees

Our supervisory authority

ENSTA Bretagne is a public engineering school with dual civil and military training and research activities. Since its foundation, the school has been under the auspices of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, with the French Government defense procurement and technology agency (DGA) acting as the supervisory authority.

Role and involvement of the supervisory authority

The DGA plays a key role in the school's operations and missions.

  • Together with ENSTA Bretagne’s Director, the DGA establishes the Performance and Objectives Contract (COP). This document defines the school’s development over a 5-year period in terms of education, research and strategy. The current COP covers the period 2017–2021 and was signed in December 2016 by Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

  • The supervisory authority participates in the school’s governance, regularly providing support and guidance to the Director. The DGA also provides ENSTA Bretagne with operational resources including buildings, materials and staff.

  • The DGA and ENSTA Bretagne work together to define the amount of the government public service government subsidy allotted to ENSTA Bretagne for its operations and activities. This subsidy represents a significant portion of the school’s budget: it provides support for ENSTA Bretagne’s activities which benefit the Ministry of the Armed Forces and, more generally, national defense, whether in terms of training or research.

DGA engineering schools

The DGA acts as supervisory authority for 4 French “Grande Ecole” engineering schools: Ecole Polytechnique, ISAE-SUPAERO, ENSTA ParisTech and ENSTA Bretagne, which are among the oldest and most recognized by businesses.

These establishments—and ENSTA Bretagne in particular—play a key role in the defense sector, contributing to developing skills and expertise within the DGA and many other organizations and firms in the defense and security industries. In terms of innovation, these domains represent some of the most demanding and advanced technical environments, and the name ENSTA itself (Ecoles Nationales Supérieures de Techniques Avancées) refers to this technological advancement.

Businesses providing complex products and services for civil sectors, where cutting-edge is synonymous with competitiveness, are also drawn to the excellence of the 4 schools supervised by the DGA.

The DGA: principal investor in the French government

The DGA is at the heart of the national defense program and works together with the armed forces (land, sea and air) and cybersecurity personnel to ensure immediate and long-term internal and external security. The DGA is also the leading contributor to European defense research.

DGA Services
Equipping the armed forces

The DGA is responsible for designing, purchasing and testing armed forces equipment systems.


The DGA anticipates threats and risks and readies technological and industrial capabilities in a resolutely European context.

Promoting weapons exports

The DGA’s export success demonstrates our technological excellence, proof of our competitiveness.